7 June 2018

Mayoral Column

This week we’ve heard a lot about illegal dumping and its consequences for the community. I want to commend our Regulatory Services staff who helped launch the investigation into Dib Hanna. He was a repeat waste offender who has been sentenced to three years in prison by the NSW Land and Environment Court. Our staff, along with NSW and Victoria Police and the Environmental Protection Authority, kept on this case with great resolve for a just outcome for the Hawkesbury.

Dib Hanna has also been ordered by the Court to remove the illegally dumped waste within 90 days, pay the Environment Protection Authority’s substantial legal costs, and publish advertisements about his crimes.

Dib Hanna offered ‘free clean top soil’ to residents from the Hawkesbury and the wider Sydney region via flyers in letterboxes. However, after investigating deliveries of illegal fill, Hawkesbury City Council’s Regulatory Services Officers discovered the fill was not clean but contaminated with many items including asbestos, plastic, fibre cement sheeting, pipe, rubble and terracotta.

Illegal dumping, especially of asbestos waste, is an environmental crime which Council takes very seriously. I truly hope the tough anti-dumping legislation serves as a strong deterrent to any would be dumpers.

I urge all residents to be wary of free ‘clean’ fill offers. Council continues to receive reports of unscrupulous operators offering free ‘clean’ fill who deliver contaminated fill. Please call Council’s Customer Service on 4560 4444 or the Environmental Protection Authority on 131 555 if you witness any suspicious activity.

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