8 November 2018

Mayoral Column

Local councils have a very strategic role in addressing the effects of ongoing climate change. One of the strategies being employed by Hawkesbury City Council is the commencement of a new solar initiative as part of its long term sustainability goals.

The Hawkesbury Solar Program will not only extend Council’s existing solar energy infrastructure, but will also include the creation of a new solar farm at the South Windsor Wastewater Treatment Facility and 12 other sites.

The new solar installations will improve sustainability outcomes by reducing our carbon footprint and saving energy, something our Sustainability Committee and staff have been steadfastly working towards as part of delivering on our Community Strategic Plan 2017-2036.

The Hawkesbury Solar Program will install 600kW in total solar power that will generate electricity for Council sites and provide cost savings for the community. The money saved through reduced energy usage will ultimately allow Council to invest this money in better infrastructure and services for the community.

By using a combination of energy saving devices, reducing energy use and installing solar panels, we can all save money and create a more sustainable future. I am aware that there are many Hawkesbury residents who are already using solar power very effectively, but I would like to encourage all of our community members to get on board to make the most of the reduced energy costs to be had by installing solar panels.

We will be rolling out this program over the next six months, so stay tuned for updates as we progress this solar initiative. To see the list of all 13 sites and more details visit Council’s website under Building Hawkesbury’s Future at www.hawkesury.nsw.gov.au and www.lightyearsahead.com.au

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