Have you been affected by the recent fires or floods and need a helping hand?

GIVIT is a not-for-profit organisation that matches real and urgent requests for goods and services with resources from the community. GIVIT’s innovative online donation management platform acts as a referral pathway for individuals and organisations to pledge items and services, and then matches them with requests received via local government agencies, charities and frontline recovery services.

GIVIT has been in partnership with the Queensland Government since 2013 to manage all offers of goods and services in times of disaster. Their service is also now available to affected New South Wales Local Governments.

The service removes the chaos of donated goods and services following a disaster and the virtual warehouse eliminates the need to store, sort and dispose of unwanted, unsolicited and sometimes poor-quality items which can present a major administrative and financial burden. It also enables response agencies to focus on the physical, emotional, psychological and social support needed for those people directly affected by the bushfires.


GIVIT enables community led recovery and builds resilience by working with all local Governments, charities, recovery agencies and support organisations by providing exactly what they need for the residents they support.

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