Community Group Definitions

Local Community Groups are defined as:

  • An organised, volunteer, membership-based group whose objective is to support or engage in activities of public interest and;
  • Operates on a non-profit basis and received no government funding to provide services and;
  • Is located within the Hawkesbury Local Government Area (LGA) or can provide documented evidence that a least 50% of their membership base resides in the Hawkesbury LGA and;
  • Provides community or cultural benefits to the residents of the LGA and; e) Be a non-political group.

Non-local Community Groups are defined as:

  • Non-LGA community groups that are organised, volunteer and membership-based and operate on a non-profit basis

Not-for-profit groups are defined as:

  • Self-employed persons for the purpose of providing service to the community on a cost-recovery basis;
  • Non-profit organisations with reasonable means, for example lease own facilities or have assets such as money or property, or in receipt of government funding to provide their services.

Commercial groups are defines as:

  • Commercial or for profit businesses.
  • Groups or organisations that distribute money that it makes to members.
  • Consortiums or organised groups of businesses where the primary purpose of getting together is to promote goods and services and develop for profit activities, for example product launches and demonstrations, luncheons, tradeshows, swap meets.
  • State, Federal and Local government (excluding Hawkesbury City Council) departments or agencies.
  • Non-Government Organisations fully operating under State, Federal or Local Government auspices or funding arrangements.
  • Non- profit organisations with substantial means, ownership of assets or paid staff.

Private Hirers are defined as:

  • Self-employed persons for the purpose of providing services to the public for profit.

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