Terms and Conditions – Second Hand Saturday

  1. Details of your event, including the participating addresses (street name and numbers), will be published in the newspaper, on Council’s website and Council’s Facebook page at no cost to the participants. Please note, names, phone numbers and email addresses will not be published in the newspaper (these are needed for Council purposes only). You do have the option when registering to make your phone number public on Council’s website to allow buyers to contact you about your garage sale.
  2. Council may pass on your contact details and information of your event to media outlets for the purposes of promotion of the Second Hand Saturday program.
  3. Only Participants and Garage Sales within the Hawkesbury Local Government Area are eligible to register.
  4. To register a Garage Sale you must be 18 years of age or older.
  5. Not engage in any illegal dumping of goods during or at the end of the event.
  6. Only Households, Schools and Community Organisations are eligible to register for this event. Businesses and other commercial entities are not eligible to register for this event.
  7. All participants grant permission to Council to publish photos and images taken of your garage sale on the day, or provided by you during the registration process.
  8. Should you need to cancel your garage sale you must notify Council by the Tuesday prior to the scheduled event.
  9. Hawkesbury City Council is a promoter of the Second Hand Saturday initiative only.  Property owners are responsible for all elements of their Garage Sale event (including ensuring sales and site conditions comply with all relevant laws and regulations).

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