A ‘spectacular’ display of talent from local schools

The staging of the annual Education Week highlight known as ‘School Showcase’ has been a great success, attended by large crowds that enjoyed outstanding school performances at Hawkesbury Central Library.

Library Coordinator, Joanne Russo said the special event had really lived up to everyone’s expectations.

“It brought a lot of happy energy into the space, and everyone was so impressed with the high standards,” she said.

Students from Windsor Park, Cattai, Wilberforce, Maraylya, Oakville, Windsor South, Bligh Park, Windsor and Pitt Town Public Schools, as well as Windsor High School, participated with great enthusiasm.

Performances included everything from djembe drumming and percussion to dance, choir, recorder and drama, with all ages from infants to teenagers ‘strutting their stuff’ before a delighted audience of friends, families and members of the public. As always, it was the little ones who received the loudest applause, while more senior students also impressed with their talent, discipline and stage presence.

The Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Mary Lyons-Buckett praised the efforts of everyone involved.

“Education Week is a great time for everyone in our schools – and all those who support our schools – to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the impact of public education,” the Mayor said.

“I’m glad that Council’s wonderful Library has been able to stage this great event, and I look forward to many more similar events.”Education Week

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