Greenhouse gases reduced by 50 million kilograms

Hawkesbury City Council has achieved a major milestone with 50 million kilograms of greenhouses gases prevented from being released into the atmosphere over the past four years.

Landfill Gas FlareThis has been achieved through a Landfill Gas Flare System installed in 2014 at the Hawkesbury City Waste Management Facility in South Windsor.

The Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Barry Calvert said it was great news for the greenhouse gas reduction program run by Council.

“Climate change mitigation refers to the efforts to reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gases,” the Mayor said.

“The emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere has been dramatically reduced since the Landfill Gas Flare System was installed at our landfill site.

“This has been due to ongoing gas well installations at the Waste Management Facility, raising the total number of extraction wells from 11 to 30 wells across the landfill area.”

Wells will continue to be installed over time to further increase Council’s efforts towards reducing the Hawkesbury’s carbon footprint.

The Landfill Gas Flare System aligns with Council’s commitment to become a carbon neutral Local Government Area as well as Council’s commitment towards innovative management of community waste.

“We continue to see steady increases in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions mitigated from the landfill operation,” the Mayor said.

“The Landfill Gas Flare System will be further utilised in the future and is an excellent example of how Hawkesbury City Council is reducing our impact on the environment.

“Measures such as these are providing better environmental outcomes for our community today, and will continue to benefit our future generations,” Councillor Calvert said.

The system expansion has been funded through the Federal Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative. This funding is helping Council to enhance its emissions reduction program at no cost to residents.

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