Trees to beautify Windsor entrance

Thanks to the community working with Council, more trees are being planted along the entrance to the heritage town of Windsor.

589 - John Miller, OAMThe Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Mary Lyons-Buckett praised long-time resident John Miller, OAM, for his initiative in working with Windsor Rotary and Council to have a new tree avenue planted along McGraths Hill Flats, Windsor Road.

“Windsor Rotary has donated Jacaranda and Illawarra Flame trees, 21 in total, which were grown from seed by Rotary volunteers,” the Mayor said.

“Council recognises the importance of trees in our urban environment as they provide shade and cover to the paved surfaces as well as reducing run-off and reflected heat.

“Trees alter the environment in which we live by moderating climate, improving air quality and by providing habitat for wildlife,” she said.

“Hawkesbury City Council is revitalising parks and towns in the Hawkesbury, and we welcome the community getting involved because it is something we can do together.

“I would like to thank our Rotarians, our business community and John Miller for getting involved in revitalising Windsor.

“It’s fantastic that we are all working together as a community,” Councillor Lyons-Buckett added.

Octogenarian John Miller, OAM, has lived in the Hawkesbury for many years and has an enduring love for the Hawkesbury’s past and a genuine concern for its future.

“As one of the oldest local government areas in Sydney, the Hawkesbury region features a wide variety of trees that are old and new, with some adding 100 year old heritage to the area, as well as offering aesthetic and environmental benefits,” Mr Miller said.

“We want to beautify the entrance to Windsor to help revitalise our town centre.

“Visitors and residents alike enjoy seeing the autumn colours on our trees this time of year and the jacarandas within our towns attract so many visitors in springtime,” he said.

“I often see people come to Windsor just to get photos of the beautiful purples of the flowering Jacarandas, so I know that the alternating colours of purple and red flowering trees will not only make our town a more beautiful place to live and work but for tourists to enjoy as well.

“I want to thank the Council park staff for planting the trees as it will create a beautiful avenue when people are driving, cycling or walking along McGraths Hill Flats.”

From an environmental perspective, the nearby Waste Water Treatment Plant will also play a role in providing nutrients and water to the trees.

“The trees are alongside the McGraths Hill Effluent Reuse and Wetlands Project, so the water reuse along McGraths Hill Flats will be a great way to help green up the entry to our historic town of Windsor,” Councillor Lyons-Buckett said.New trees to revitalise Windsor entrance image

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