NSW Government Corridor Projects

Hawkesbury City Council acknowledges the work of the State Government in developing and releasing the details of over 190 kilometres of draft corridors across the Greater Sydney Commission’s Western Parkland City.

The draft corridors relate to the:

  • Proposed rail link from St Marys to Campbelltown via Badgerys Creek Airport
  • Outer Sydney Orbital (including the outer Sydney Freight Line) between Appin and Maraylya
  • Bells Line of Road-Castlereagh Connection between Kurrajong Heights and the M7
  • Western Sydney Freight Line passing through the Western Sydney Employment Area.

Hawkesbury City Council also endorses a number of the consultation initiatives put in place by the State Government, including:

  • The interactive mapping tool that both allows people to identify the exact location of the proposed corridors and make comments in relation to specific detail of the proposed corridors
  • The deployment of a team of people who are endeavouring to personally contact affected land owners in the next few days and provide them with a face to face explanation of the proposed corridors.

However, the Mayor of Hawkesbury Councillor Mary Lyons-Buckett said that “a number of aspects of the announcement are disappointing”, for example:

  • In relation to the North South Rail Corridor referred to in the recently released Western Sydney City Deal, extending from Rouse Hill to Macarthur 
    • It has been scaled back significantly, to a south link from St Marys to Campbelltown
    • The location and alignment of the proposed new rail line – as it approaches St Marys from the south, will make it more expensive and more difficult to extend the line north, to Rouse Hill
    • Furthermore, the link to the north, from St Marys to Rouse Hill, is only identified by a thought bubble that indicates a ‘Potential future extension’. “The original North South Rail Link, as outlined in the Western Sydney City Deal, was critical to achieving the new Western Parkland City where jobs and housing are connected by public transport to secure a liveable city whose residents live within 30 minutes of employment opportunities,” Mayor Lyons-Buckett said. “In the absence of a northern corridor to Rouse Hill or, at the very least, a timetable for its announcement, urban expansion will continue in the vicinity of Ropes Crossing, Marsden Park and Schofields.  “This ongoing development will push up the cost and compromise the feasibility of any future corridor and the task of establishing a corridor will become progressively more expensive and difficult for the State Government,” she said. “In relation to the corridors for the Outer Orbital and Freight Rail Line, and in the absence of corridors beyond Maraylya and Appin, ongoing development will again push up the cost and compromise the feasibility of future corridors to the Central Coast and the Port of Newcastle beyond as well as South Coast and the Ports of Wollongong and Port Kembla.

“In relation to the Bells Line of Road - Castlereagh Connection, the currently proposed corridor terminates at Kurrajong Heights.,” the Mayor continued.

“Again no details are provided and no indication is given as to what is planned or under consideration beyond that point.”

Hawkesbury City Council has consistently expressed the view, for a number of years, that any crossing of the mountains must have specific regard for:

  • The environmental significance and sensitivity of the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Areas
  • The amenity of the various villages that the current Bells Line of Road passes through, as to crosses the mountains to Lithgow
  • Impacts on equine activities such as horse breeding, thoroughbred training and so on
  • Impacts on agricultural uses of land such as for the orchards of the upper mountains
  • Amenity of the various villages that the current Bells Line of Road passes through, as to crosses the mountains to Lithgow.

The Mayor added that “Hawkesbury City Council will be contacting residents and encouraging them to actively participate in the consultation process”.


While the projects are located in the Hawkesbury Local Government Area, they are the responsibility of the NSW Government.

All of the planning, consultation and design will be conducted by representatives from the NSW Government.

Please use the following link if you would like further information on these corridor projects


An interactive map is available to see the recommended corridor locations and your property


If you would like to make a submission www.transport.nsw.gov.au/corridors/have-your-say or attend a community drop in session https://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/corridors/community-drop-sessions


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