Vineyard Stage 1

Council has since completed a Developer Contribution Plan for the Vineyard Precinct. The Plan was placed on public exhibition between 18 May 2018 and 18 June 2018. The plan was amended on 14 August 2018 after considering submissions. The plan has now been submitted to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal for their determination. Council staff are also working on the associated infrastructure plans.

The rezoning plan for Vineyard Stage 1 identified part of 5 O’Dell Street, Vineyard, to be acquired for drainage infrastructure. Once the property is acquired by Council, it is recommended to classify the parcel as ‘Operational’ under the Local Government Act, 1993, as the land will be used for the construction of a stormwater basin and drainage channel. An ‘Operational’ classification will enable Council to undertake the works and any ongoing maintenance, without the restrictions that arise with ‘Community’ land.

In relation to the public domain, Council will soon be considering the road network and street trees to help manage transport movements and overall amenity of the area.

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