New general waste collection days

General waste collection times will be changing for some residents in the Hawkesbury soon, with all waste collections to be during the day rather than the evening, effective from the week commencing 26 August 2019.

Residents who already receive morning collections will not have any changes to their collection times.

The changes to evening general waste collections are being made following a review by Council.

Council’s review of the general waste service collection schedules established that morning and afternoon collections would provide safer work conditions and improved customer service. In light of this, all general waste collections will be conducted during the day in order to maintain an efficient, safe and reliable general waste collection to all residents.

Only areas that currently have evening waste collection times will change, which will apply to around 50% of Hawkesbury residents. For residents who had evening collections, the general waste will now be collected earlier in the day on the next business day. For instance, if the general waste was collected Thursday evening, it will now be collected on Friday during the day. Residents will be required to put their general waste bin out before 4am on the day of collection.

The change to collection times is important in order to allow all landfill waste to be covered as required by Environment Protection Authority (EPA) guidelines, Council’s General Manager, Peter Conroy explained.

“The new waste collection schedule will enable Waste Management staff to cover landfill during the day,” Mr Conroy said.

“This will also improve safety for waste management staff because morning and afternoon collections will allow all waste to be visually checked before being covered.

“Letters are being sent to all affected residents and Council will continue to provide information and reminders to the community on Council’s website and through Council’s Facebook with friendly reminders of collection days,” he said.

“We appreciate our community’s understanding in this necessary change in order to meet EPA guidelines, improve safety and improve general waste collection services.”

The following changes will apply:

  • Sunday evening will change to Monday

  • Monday evening will change to Tuesday

  • Tuesday evening will change to Wednesday

  • Wednesday evening will change to Thursday

  • Thursday evening will change to Friday.

There will be no changes to green waste or recycling service collection times.

The Hawkesbury Local Government Area was one of the few remaining councils that still provided evening collections. This timetable change will bring Hawkesbury City Council’s general waste collection services in line with all other councils in the Greater Sydney region.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Council’s Customer Service Team on 4560 4444 or email council@hawkesbury.nsw,

Council’s Facebook page is available at

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