Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium Community Consultation

From July 2020, the management of Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium will be transitioned from YMCA NSW to Police and Community Youth Clubs NSW (PCYC NSW). Planning has begun, with both organisations committed to working collaboratively with each other and Hawkesbury City Council to ensure the community is prioritised throughout the planning and transition process.

As part of this transition, the facility will be redeveloped using contributions from the NSW Government, Hawkesbury City Council and PCYC NSW.

PCYC NSW aims to deliver a modern, fit-for-purpose community sport and recreation facility, made for and informed by the Hawkesbury community.

“Our focus will be to provide a place of activity and belonging for local young people and the entire community, and we would like Hawkesbury locals to help shape what this will look like,” said Dominic Teakle, CEO, PCYC NSW.

“At PCYC NSW, we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to our facilities and services. We pride ourselves on serving the communities in which we work by tailoring our programs and clubs to their unique needs.

“This is why community consultation is a priority for the Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium redevelopment project and we will be conducting this from the start.”

Locals are encouraged to have their say through the PCYC NSW Operational Community Consultation Survey. Feedback provided will help shape initial plans for the Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium redevelopment, informing the services and activities which will be delivered in the new facility.

This survey marks the beginning of the consultation process for the project, with community forums, further surveys and other consultation activities planned as the project progresses. PCYC NSW prides itself on taking a tailored and collaborative community-focused approach and this will remain at the centre of redevelopment plans for the Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium facility.

YMCA NSW is committed to working with PCYC NSW and Hawkesbury City Council on a seamless transition, with minimal disruption to the community.

“It is exciting that the Hawkesbury community will benefit from an upgraded facility. We look forward to collaborating with PCYC NSW on the redevelopment and maintaining our presence in the region,” said Susannah Le Bron, CEO, YMCA NSW.

The Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium is an important community asset for Hawkesbury City Council, the Mayor of Hawkesbury Councillor Barry Calvert said.

“We are working with key stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes to ensure all voices are heard during the redevelopment of the site,” the Mayor said.

To provide feedback on initial operational plans for the Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium redevelopment visit PCYC NSW’s survey.

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