Work commences on Church Street Reserve inclusive play space

Council has commenced work on an inclusive play space at Church Street Reserve, South Windsor using a $500,000 grant through the State Government Accelerated Open Space and Parklands Program. It is planned for the works to be completed by June 2019.

The new play space will include:

  • Accessible flying fox for all ages
  • Accessible swing - a variety of seats for all ages
  • Sand/water play – wheel chair accessible
  • Old church ruins
  • A meeting story place – including animal sculptures and plantings
  • Mouse wheel
  • Climbing frame
  • Accessible carousel
  • Town Square – including a soapbox, vegie cart and shopfront for imaginative play.

According to the Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Barry Calvert, the site has been chosen to showcase the ‘Everyone Can Play’ program guidelines and to demonstrate what can be achieved through better design.

“The guideline principles are to provide play spaces for all ages and all abilities for children and their carers,” Councillor Calvert said.

A priority of the Church Street Reserve play space design is for it to be an alternative but complementary destination to the recently completed Governor Phillip Park ‘Universal Access Play Space’ in Windsor.

“The two play spaces are book ends to our towns of Windsor and South Windsor, and rather than repeating experiences provided, Council intends to give an alternative destination with different experiences,” Councillor Calvert explained.

“Governor Phillip Park play space celebrates chaos - natural forms, organic shapes, sneaky tunnels for nefarious activities, rambling rivers, and relatively unstructured planting.

“On the other hand, Church Street is reflecting the organisational arrangement of urban development imposed on a natural landscape,” he said.

“It will have a much more structured layout such as straight roads and paths, formal shapes and plantings, town squares for gathering, markets and public discussions, feature trees and formal gardens.

“There will also be strong references to the ongoing custodians of Country, but the urban form features will be a new layer over the top of it.”

The project aims to create an inner core within the play space that allows for expansion over time. The inner core, imitating the central town square, will focus on play around gathering, transactions and communicating.

In almost any culture, the market place or trade area becomes a focus around which much of the community communication and gathering takes place.

“This new play space will be like a new little town where children and their carers can play,” the Mayor continued.

“Naturally, there’ll also be a variety of swings as well as a flying fox and water play – with a focus on everything being accessible,” he said.

“I hope this play space, just like any new town, will continue to provide the chance for our community to connect.”

Each of the spaces created will feature elements to encourage individual and group play, adventure and physical challenges.

Existing elements and clever design will be used to create a safe space by placing seating and barrier plantings to form a natural fence rather than a formed structure.

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