‘No Waste Kitchen’ Free workshop

Did you know the average NSW household throws away $77 worth of edible food every week?

To find out more about waste, join Hawkesbury City Council for the next ‘War on Waste’ workshop ‘No Waste Kitchen’ on Thursday, 23 May from 10am to midday at Hawkesbury Central Library, 300 George Street, Windsor.

In NSW, more than a third of the average red lid garbage bin is wasted food. That’s $10 billion worth of good food that’s being thrown away every year by NSW households. It may seem like we only throw out small amounts every now and again, but all that food adds up. Imagine $3,800 being thrown it in the bin. That’s how much food the average NSW household wastes each year.No Waste Kitchen

Food waste usually happens when we buy too much, cook too much or don’t store food correctly. By making a few simple changes at home, we can reduce food waste, eat well and save money.

Bookings for the workshop are essential at http://hawkesburywaronwaste.eventbrite.com or call 4560 4566 to book. Seats are limited. This is an NSW Environment Protection Authority, Waste Less, ‘Recycle More initiative’ funded by the Waste Levy.

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