Two new exhibitions at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

The exhibition Porosity Kabari is a collaboration between Australian artist /designers Trent Jansen and Richard Goodwin, and Indian artist Ishan Khosla.  The inspiration for the project is the resourcefulness that is part of the everyday life in India.

The trio collaborated within the market neighbourhoods where many of India’s used objects end up - making do with what was at hand in the Chor Bazaar (thieves market) and Dharavi (the largest slum on earth) in Mumbai, India.  These places are also where objects are often given a second life – car panels are transformed into ad hoc cookers and old clothing is quilted into rugs for snake charmers.

Lizzy Newcomb – Small Tales

Lizzy Newcomb discovered her love of drawing and colour by watching her Dad at his desk creating wonderful Architectural plans, he coloured all his work by hand using vibrant watercolour.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Lizzy has been influenced further by the colours of her country and the brilliance of everyday life in Sydney. As a child Lizzy spent much of her time in the bushland near her home, discovering the sights, smells and sounds that the bush holds.

Being self-taught Lizzy says there are no rules or inhibitions, she can just tap into the child within and use the memories of seeing amusing sights and sounds throughout her life. People going about everyday life are a great source of inspiration. They all end up in her work somewhere. Lizzy says that sometimes the work just appears on the canvas as if put there by someone else, you look at the clock and realize you have been painting for hours.

Her artwork has led her to illustrate her first children’s book called My name is Lizzie Flynn in 2015 and her second book called Backyard in 2018.  Both of these books are for sale in the Gallery bookshop.

Lizzy’s exhibition for Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Small Tales depicts the small tales of an interesting life. Those little moments that make us smile, reflect and remember.  Some of Lizzy’s artwork is also for sale.

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Exhibition Opening Friday, 18 October 6pm - 8pm

Live music. Light refreshments served.

Admission Free, all welcome.

Top floor, Deerubbin Centre, 300 George Street, Windsor

Gallery hours
Weekdays 10am - 4pm

Tuesdays closed or by appointment

Weekends 10am - 3pm

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