Do you want to save Windsor Bridge? Vote yes or no in Council’s survey

Hawkesbury City Council has created a Windsor Bridge Survey on Your Hawkesbury Your Say at asking people to vote if they would like to Save Windsor Bridge – Yes or No.

The Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Barry Calvert, has alerted the Defenders of Thompson Square about the survey and they fully support the idea of a community survey.

“Voting is simple – just go to online to Your Hawkesbury Your Say and cast your vote on whether you want to Save Windsor Bridge,” Mayor Calvert said.

“Personally, I will be voting yes because once this historic bridge is gone, it is gone forever.

“Whether you are a local business or tourism operator, a resident, a Hawkesbury visitor, a member of a historic society or simply someone who wants to enjoy walking on this heritage bridge, you can take this simple survey that has one question: Do you want to save old Windsor Bridge?

“We are conducting this survey as part of community consultation that we believe the State Government should have done a long time ago. Such consultation about the demolition of the historic Windsor Bridge has been seriously lacking,” the Mayor said.

“There has been a great deal of discussion about the replacement bridge but most people were unaware that the demolition of the old bridge was also going to take place. In the information distributed about the new bridge by the State Government, the fate of the old bridge was hardly mentioned.

“Hawkesbury City Council supports saving our historic 1874 Windsor Bridge. We are asking the State Government to immediately stop the demolition of the old Windsor Bridge and conduct a proper public consultation about the bridge’s future.”

You can also sign the petition and ring the bell at Hawkesbury Regional Museum at 8 Baker Street, Windsor, Wednesday to Monday 10am to 4pm. We need over 10,000 signatures for it to be heard for debate by the NSW Government. You can even take your photo and post it to social media #savedbythebell

You can also contact Robyn Preston State Member for Hawkesbury via email or tweet @RobynNSW on Twitter and mention @robynprestonmpforhawkesbury on Instagram or tag @RobynPrestonMPMemberforHawkesbury on Facebook to Save Our Historic Windsor Bridge.

The 1874 bridge offers huge tourism potential to the Hawkesbury community as a gathering place for events, markets and a link over the Hawkesbury River from Windsor and it is a vital part of our historical and cultural identity. Find out more about Windsor Bridge Saved by the Bell at

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