4 May 2017


Tender No T00058 - Installation of Closed Circuit Television to South Windsor Shopping Area

Tenders are invited for the installation of CCTV to South Windsor Shopping area and will be received up to 10am on Wednesday, 7 June 2017.

As part of the Safer Streets Program Hawkesbury City Council are inviting tenderers to install CCTV to South Windsor Shops.

Please note there is a compulsory site inspection at 10am on Tuesday, 16 May 2017 at Council's Administration Building at 366 George Street, Windsor.

For both tenders:

Tender documents are available free at WSROC e-tendering website or at Council’s Administration Building at 366 George Street, Windsor from Tuesday, 2 May 2017 for a non-refundable fee of $100 (incl. GST).

Tenders may only be submitted by the means described in the tender documents and must be received by the closing time. Late tenders will not be accepted.

The canvassing of Councillors will automatically disqualify the applicant from the tender process.

For further information, please contact Council's Tendering and Contracts Officer, Mr Gordon Sainsbury on telephone (02) 4560 4470.

Consulting the Community

Public Exhibition of Draft Resourcing Strategy 2017 – 2027, Draft Delivery Program 2017 – 2021 and Draft Operational Plan 2017-2018

Following the adoption of the Hawkesbury Community Strategic Plan 2017–2036 Council has completed preparation of the following key documents required by the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework:

  • Draft Resourcing Strategy 2017–2027
  • Draft Delivery Program 2017–2021
  • Draft Operational Plan 2017/2018

The Draft Resourcing Strategy 2017-2027 consists of three interrelated elements including Long Term Financial Planning, Asset Management Planning and Workforce Planning. The Draft Resourcing Strategy 2017–2027 also plays a role in resourcing the achievement of the Draft Delivery Program 2017–2021 and future Operational Plans.

The Draft Delivery Program 2017-2021 turns the strategic goals within the Hawkesbury Community Strategic Plan 2017–2036 into actions. It is Council's commitment to the Community Strategic Plan and details which issues within its area of responsibility that Council will act upon during its four year term of office.

Additionally, each year Council outlines its activities for the coming year through an Operational Plan.

The Draft Operational Plan 2017/2018 identifies the proposed projects, programs and activities to be undertaken during 2017/2018. The Operational Plan also contains a Statement of Revenue Policy, which includes fees and charges and information regarding rates and annual charges. Estimated income and expenditure and the Capital Works Program for 2017/2018 are also included.

The draft plans will be on public exhibition for the period Friday, 21 April 2017 to Friday, 19 May 2017. You can view the draft plans at Council’s Administrative Building, 366 George Street, Windsor, on Council’s website www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au, or on Council’s online community engagement site www.yourhawkesbury-yoursay.com.au

Written submissions regarding the Draft Resourcing Strategy 2017–2027, Draft Delivery Program 2017–2021 and Draft Operational Plan 2017–2018 may be made any time to Council during the exhibition period and can be sent to Council by any of the following methods:

Please make reference to “Draft Resourcing Strategy Submission”, “Draft Delivery Program Submission” or “Draft Operational Plan Submission” at the top of your submission. For any enquiries regarding the Draft Resourcing Strategy 2017–2027, Draft Delivery Program 2017–2021, or Draft Operational Plan 2017/2018, please contact Council on (02) 4560 4444.

Please be advised that comments about the Draft Resourcing Strategy 2017–2027, Draft Delivery Program 2017–2021 and Draft Operational Plan 2017/2018 may contain information that is personal information, such as information that identifies you, etc, for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act.

The submission of personal information with your comments is voluntary but, if not provided, may affect consideration of such comments. The information will ultimately be stored in Council's records system.

Please note that confidentiality is not available to respondents. The details of any submissions may be included in a Council report. Information (including copies of submissions) may also be released in accordance with Council’s Access to Information Policy.

The purpose of collecting this information is to assist Council in obtaining the views of the community regarding this matter. The information may also be made available to third parties in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Council Meetings


Tuesday 9 Ordinary 6.30PM

Tuesday 30 Ordinary 6.30PM

Council Notices

Expressions of Interest for Community Representation on a Council Project Working Group

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are invited from members of the community who have a genuine interest in, and are able to demonstrate knowledge in town centre revitalisation, to act as community representatives on the working group outlined below. Community members are generally appointed to working groups on the basis of their subject knowledge and experience, technical skills and/or their ability to interpret the common interests of residents. For more information or to obtain an Expression of Interest Form please visit Council website or contact the relevant person as listed below. EOIs close 5pm Friday, 26 May 2017.

Town Centres Master Plan Project Group

Community representation – Six (6) Community appointments

This project group has been delegated (by Council) the task of providing advice to Hawkesbury City Council staff on the preparation of a brief to engage a suitable consultant to prepare Master Plans for the Windsor and Richmond Town centres, to act as a reference group to assist Council staff to manage the works program, methodology and stakeholder engagement processes to be delivered by the consultant engaged.

The project group will also provide advice to Hawkesbury City Council staff on consultative strategies for inviting submissions and comments in relation to the preparation and public exhibition of draft Master Plans for Windsor and Richmond, as well as developing a framework for the testing of town centre revitalisation concepts in a methodical and sensible manner whilst encouraging active participation and involvement by the community.

Meetings will be held a minimum of four times per year. For more information or to obtain an Expression of Interest Form, please visit Council website or contact Andrew Kearns on (02) 4560 4604.

Development Applications Recently Determined

The Development Consents, Complying Development Certificates, Section 96 Modifications and Section 82A Reviews recently determined.

Notice under Section 101 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, the following Development Consents, Complying Development Certificates, Section 96 Modifications and Section 82A Reviews were determined by Council.

  • DA0005/17 - South Windsor Waste Management Facility 1 The Driftway, SOUTH WINDSOR -Waste or Resource Management Facility – Construction of a community resource recovery facility - Approved
  • DA0048/17 - 250 Spinks Road GLOSSODIA -Tree Removal - Removal of Three Trees - Refused
  • DA0063/17 - 153 Fisher Road MARAYLYA -Dwelling House - Demolition of Existing Dwelling House and Construction of Dwelling House - Approved
  • DA0064/17 - 25 Woodlands Road WILBERFORCE -Dwelling House - Approved
  • DA0076/17 - 20 Plimsoll Street MCGRATHS HILL -Dwelling House - Demolition of Existing Dwelling House and Construction of Dwelling House, Swimming Pool and Outbuilding - Approved
  • DA0077/17 - 12 Morstone Place WINDSOR DOWNS -Dwelling House - Alterations & Additions - Approved
  • DA0085/17 - 34 Bourke Street RICHMOND -Recreational Facility (Outdoor) - Construction of Golf Course Netting Barrier - Approved
  • DA0087/17 - 683 Grose Vale Road GROSE VALE -Dwelling House - Approved
  • DA0093/17 - 39 The Cedars Avenue PITT TOWN -Dwelling House - Approved
  • DA0121/17 - 39 The Cedars Avenue PITT TOWN -Structure Ancillary to Dwelling – Outbuilding - Approved
  • DA0696/16 - 117 Church Street SOUTH WINDSOR -Dwelling House - Approved
  • DA0732/16 - 110 East Kurrajong Road EAST KURRAJONG - Dual Occupancy – Attached - Refused
  • DA0749/16 - 3244 Bells Line of Road BILPIN -Rural Worker's Dwelling - Conversion of a farm building to a rural worker's dwelling - Approved
  • DA0759/16 - 53 Moray Street RICHMOND -Multi-Unit Housing and Strata Subdivision - Demolition of existing structures and the Construction of 3 town houses & strata subdivision - Approved
  • DA0773/16 - 180 Grose River Road GROSE WOLD -Dual Occupancy – Attached - Refused
  • DA0777/16 - 176 Comleroy Road KURRAJONG -Dual Occupancy – Attached - Refused
  • DA0781/16 - 409 Slopes Road THE SLOPES -Dwelling House - Alterations & Additions-Approved
  • DA0806/16-115 Bocks Road, OAKVILLE -Structure Ancillary to Dwelling - Alterations and Additions, Outbuildings, Cabana, Awning, Front Fence, Earth Works/Landfill, Access Driveway and Landscape Works - Approved
  • DA0862/16 - 23 Bells Road GROSE VALE -Dwelling House and Structures Ancillary to Dwelling - Carport, Swimming Pool and Garage - Approved CDC0003/17 - 1108 Grose Vale Road KURRAJONG -Dwelling House - Alterations and Additions - Approved CDC0005/17 - 67 Hadden Ridge Road WILBERFORCE -Section 87 - Modification of Complying Development Certificate No. CDC0015/14 - Deletion of Outbuilding - Approved S960027/17 - 125 Roberts Creek Road BLAXLANDS RIDGE - Modification of Development Consent No.
  • DA0537/16 - Design Amendments - Approved S960033/17 - 164 Carrs Road WILBERFORCE - Modification of Development Consent No.
  • DA0396/16 - Amendment of Enclosure Layout - Approved S960034/17 - 185 Bocks Road OAKVILLE - Modification of Development Consent No.
  • DA0720/16 - Relocation of Dwelling - Approved S82A0003/16 - 46 Castlereagh Road WILBERFORCE -Section 82A Review - Subdivision - Two lot Torrens title subdivision - Approved

The Development Consents, Complying Development Certificates, Section 96 Modifications and Section 82A Reviews are available for public inspections, without charge, at Council’s offices. Office hours are 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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