14 June 2018

Council Meetings


26 Tuesday Ordinary 6.30PM


10 Tuesday Ordinary 6.30PM

Development Applications Recently Determined

The Development Consents, Complying Development Certificates, Section 96 Modifications and Section 82A Reviews recently determined. Notice under Section 4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, the following Development Consents, Complying Development Certificates, Section 96 Modifications and Section 82A Reviews were determined by Council.

  • DA0058/18 - 114 King Road WILBERFORCE -Dual Occupancy (Attached) - Alterations and Additions to Existing Dwelling House to Create Dual Occupancy (Attached)-Approved
  • DA0121/18 - 2042 Upper Macdonald Road HIGHER MACDONALD-Structure Ancillary to Dwelling - Two Outbuildings - Approved
  • DA0131/18 - 9 Salmon Road SOUTH WINDSOR -Dwelling House - Alterations and Additions - Approved
  • DA0165/18 - 29 Glengarry Place PITT TOWN -Dwelling House and Swimming Pool-Approved
  • DA0175/18 - 3 Stubbs Street PITT TOWN -Dwelling House-Approved
  • DA0180/18 - 19 Stannix Park Road WILBERFORCE -Structure Ancillary to Dwelling - Awning-Approved
  • DA0193/18 - 5 Pendergast Street PITT TOWN -Dwelling House and Outbuilding-Approved
  • DA0227/17 - 2321 Putty Road COLO -Dwelling House - Demolition of Existing Dwelling House and Construction of Dwelling House - Approved
  • DA0504/17 - 226 Greens Road LOWER PORTLAND -Dwelling House, Boat Shed and Swimming Pool - Approved
  • DA0632/14 - 76 Oakville Road OAKVILLE -Landscape Material Supplies - Operation of landscape material supplies premises - Approved
  • DA0698/17 - 242 George Street WINDSOR -Shop - Fit Out and Use of Existing Premises and Associated Signage - Approved
  • DA0713/17 - 94 Willeroo Drive WINDSOR DOWNS -SEPP (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 – Construction of Secondary Dwelling with double carport and removal of three trees-Approved
  • DA0733/17 - 18 Sturt Place WINDSOR DOWNS -Dwelling House - Dual Occupancy (Attached), Demolition of Existing Outbuilding and Construction of Outbuilding, Alfresco Area and Swimming Pool-Approved
  • S960142/17 - 2 Dight Street RICHMOND -Modification of Development Consent No.DA0637/15 - Consolation of Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 16, removal of Dight Street access handle to Lot 13 and allow for bonding of construction works along Dight Street - Approved
  • S82A0002/18 - 2 Wiranda Court WINDSOR DOWNS-Review of Determination of DA0487/17 - Structure Ancillary to Dwelling – Outbuilding – Approved

The Development Consents, Complying Development Certificates, Section 96 Modifications and Section 82A Reviews are available for public inspections, without charge, at Council’s offices. Office hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

2018 Natalie Burton Memorial Award

Hawkesbury City Council is calling for nominations for the annual Natalie Burton Memorial Award on behalf of the Burton, Turner and Lawrance families.

One award will be presented to a student from a Secondary School within the Hawkesbury Local Government Area. This award is intended for a recipient who has faced a challenging circumstance and, through their application and determination, overcome this adversity to succeed. This circumstance could be a disability, illness, serious accident, loss of a family member or other situation.

Members of the community are invited to nominate a student for the 2018 Natalie Burton Memorial Award by completing a nomination form which can be obtained from Council offices at 366 George St, Windsor, by calling 4560 4430 or online www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au

Positions Vacant


  • IT Reporting and Database Specialist
  • IT Business Systems Analyst

Please see www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au for details.

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