28 May 2020

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Our new Hawkesbury Business Hub has been launched to help support our local business community.

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Consulting the Community

Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement for Lot 2 DP 1177011, 377 Bells Line of Road, Kurmond

Council is exhibiting a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement that will apply to Lot 2 DP 1177011, 377 Bells Line of Road, Kurmond.

The draft Voluntary Planning Agreement is complementary to a proposed amendment to Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 2012 which will enable subdivision of the subject site into large lot residential lots with a minimum lot size of not less than 4,000m2 and a community title lot with a minimum lot size of not less than 1ha.

The objective, nature and effect of the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement is for the developer of the subject site to provide Council with a cash contribution of $30,000 for each additional residential lot created on the subject site. It is anticipated that contributions collected by Council will be expended on local and district infrastructure and facilities such as, but not necessarily limited to, park embellishments and road improvements to serve the needs of the community as a consequence of the future development of the subject site for residential purpose.

The draft Voluntary Planning Agreement, an Explanatory Note and other supporting documentation are on public exhibition on Council’s website for the period Friday, 15 May 2020 to Monday, 15 June 2020. The exhibition documentation can be viewed below or on Council’s online community engagement site during the public exhibition period.


Interested persons are invited to inspect the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement, Explanatory Note and other supporting documentation. Written submissions concerning the provisions in the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement may be made to Council throughout the abovementioned exhibition period. Submissions should be referenced “Lot 2 DP 1177011, 377 Bells Line of Road, Kurmond” and can be posted to Hawkesbury City Council, PO Box 146, WINDSOR NSW 2756, faxed to (02) 4587 7740, or emailed to council@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au during the exhibition period.

The last day for the receipt of submissions is Monday, 15 June 2020.

Public Exhibition of the Draft Operational Plan 2020/2021

Council, at its Ordinary Meeting held on 28 April 2020, resolved to publicly exhibit the Draft Operational Plan 2020 in accordance with the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework established by the Local Government Act 1993.

Now is your chance to have a say on the key services, projects, initiatives and actions Council has planned in the Draft Operational Plan 2020/2021.

Major Operational Plan Highlights include:

  • Building Improvements: $1.6M
  • Parks, Recreation Facilities and Amenities Improvements $3.3M
  • Road Rehabilitation and Upgrades $8.0M
  • Stormwater Drainage Improvement Program $1.7M
  • Enhanced Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility $0.7M
  • Road Surface Renewals $2.0M
  • Sealing of Gravel Roads $2.5M

Despite the impacts of fires, flood and COVID-19, Council has been able to achieve the following for the 2020/2021 Operational Plan

  • Kept the renewal and upgrade of community assets the same
  • Kept the maintenance of community assets the same
  • Balanced the budget, without external borrowing
  • No further increases to the Annual Fees and Charges since the initial development of the Operational Plan
  • Kept staff gainfully employed
  • Included provisions to provide financial assistance for hardship
  • Included rental assistance for commercial tenants.

The Draft Operational Plan 2020/2021 is on exhibition between Thursday, 30 April 2020 and Thursday, 28 May 2020 inclusive.

A copy of the Draft Operational Plan 2020/2021 can be viewed on Council’s website at Your Hawkesbury Your Say www.yourhawkesbury-yoursay.com.au

The last day for the receipt of submissions is Thursday, 28 May 2020.

If you would like to make a submission, Council will receive these, in writing, addressed to the General Manager, Hawkesbury City Council, PO Box 146, Windsor NSW 2756, by fax to (02) 4587 7740 or by email to council@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au or by completing an online submission via Your Hawkesbury Your Say.

Council will consider all submissions received at a subsequent Council Meeting.

Should you have any enquiries with respect to this matter, please contact Corporate Planning and Performance Strategist on (02) 4560 4501 or attention email enquiries council@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au

Due to COVID-19 impacts, hard copies of the plan are not available to be viewed and the publishing of a public notice in a local newspaper is not possible at this time.

We value your feedback and all submissions will be considered as we finalise the Plan.

Development Applications Recently Determined

The Development Consents, Complying Development Certificates, Section 4.55 Modifications and Section 8.2 Reviews recently determined.

Notice under Section 4.59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, the following Development Consents, Complying Development Certificates, Section 4.55 Modifications and Section 8.2 Reviews were determined by Council.

  • DA0049/20-6 Tern Place, YARRAMUNDI -Structure Ancillary Dwelling - Patio Cover-Approved
  • DA0060/20-61 Hawkesbury Valley Way, WINDSOR -Hotel Motel Accommodation - Refurbishment of Existing Guest Rooms and Upgrade of Fire Safety Services-Approved
  • DA0067/20-91 Belmont Grove, NORTH RICHMOND -Dwelling House and Secondary Dwelling-Approved
  • DA0083/20-13 Wilkinson Street, PITT TOWN -Dwelling House-Approved
  • DA0195/19-30 Avondale Road, PITT TOWN -Structure Ancillary to Dwelling - Outbuilding-Approved
  • DA0368/19-1064 Grose Vale Road, KURRAJONG -Dwelling House - Alterations and Additions-Approved
  • DA0391/19-235 Wilberforce Road, WILBERFORCE -Farm Building and Earthworks-Refused

All plans and details may be viewed on Council’s DA Tracking via the Council Website.

Integrated Development Proposal

Lot 2 DP 1164124,189 Windsor Road VINEYARD NSW 2765

Hawkesbury City Council has received a development application for Motel - Demolition of Existing Structures, Construction of a Two Storey Motel Building Containing 80 Rooms, Basement Car Parking and Landscaped Areas at the above property. The applicant is Homeplan Architects. Hawkesbury City Council is the consent authority.

The proposed development is defined as integrated development under Section 4.46 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 because an approval under the Rural Fires Act 1997 is required. The approval body is the NSW Rural Fire Service.

The development application and supporting information will be on public exhibition for the period 28/05/2020 to 11/06/2020. All plans and details may be viewed on Council’s DA Tracking via the Council Website at www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au/development/development-applications/application-tracking

During the exhibition period any person may make a submission in writing to Council in relation to the development application, quoting reference DA0130/20. Where a submission by way of objection is made, the grounds for objection are to be specified in the submission. Should you lodge a submission, your views will be taken into account as part of our assessment and a reply will be forwarded to you when the application is determined.

Please note that confidentiality is not available to objectors. The details of any submissions may be included in a Council report or forwarded to the applicant where it may help to resolve design or operational problems. Information (including copies of submissions) may also be released in accordance with Council Policy for Access to Information.

If you have any concerns about the proposal, it is suggested that you speak with the assessing officer so that all aspects may be fully discussed. Matters such as privacy, overshadowing and impact on adjoining owners are a normal part of our assessment.

Enquiries: (02) 4560 4424.

Council Meetings


  • Tuesday 30 6:30PM Ordinary


  • Tuesday 14 6:30PM Ordinary
  • Tuesday 28 6:30PM Ordinary

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