Adopt a Road Program

Generally two kilometres of road can be adopted for a period of two years. The extent of road length can be reduced to one kilometre for individuals and small groups. Council requests that a minimum of two cleanups for individuals and four cleanups per group be undertaken per year. Council provides an Adopt-a-Road kit which includes safety vests, gloves, tongs and rubbish bags.

What are the Benefits?

  • Identification and reduction of 'black spot' litter and graffiti areas
  • Care for the local environment
  • Increased awareness and effects of littering
  • Improved safety and attractiveness of our roads

Individuals/Groups interested in the program can read the full details which are provided in the Adopt-A-Road Manual. The manual contains information relating to the Adopt-A-Road Agreement and Safe Work Practice for Volunteers. Once the Adopt-A-Road Agreement form is signed, this will formalise a unique environmental partnership with Council.

As well as signing an agreement, the individuals or members of groups are required to attend a safety workshop prior to starting their volunteer service. Recognition and promotion is given by way of placing the street name of the participants on a generic Adopt-a-Road sign.

Council has been involved in the worthy program of Adopt a Road since 10 December 2002 and is grateful to the groups diligently working together on this program.

If you are interested in adopting a road, please read the Adopt-A-Road Manual and contact Council on (02) 4560 4444 to register your interest


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