Meet the Council Staff

Meet the Council Staff

Once Council has made a decision on behalf of the community the task of carrying out that decision is handed over to Council's paid employees. Council staff regularly report to Council on the progress of projects being undertaken. This means Council is ultimately responsible for work done and answerable to the community for how rates are being spent.

Some of the specific roles carried out by Hawkesbury City Council staff include the following:

General Manager

All councils in New South Wales must employ a General Manager .

The General Manager is responsible for ensuring the total organisation runs smoothly and provides the best possible service to the local community.

He or she employs all other staff and is in charge of the day to day operations of Council.

Director Support Services

The Director Support Services is responsible for all financial services such as rates, accounts, payroll and investments as well as administrative functions like records, word processing and property management.

This Director is also responsible for cultural services including the museum, gallery and library services and information services such as IT and records.

Specialist staff who work in this Department include librarians, accountants, curators and computer operators.

Director Infrastructure Services

Any public works carried out by Council, such as road works, footpaths, building roundabouts, parks and gardens are the responsibility of the Director Infrastructure Services.

This Director will advise Council on any new work or maintenance work that is required in the area. He or she is responsible for ensuring the work is carried out correctly.

Swimming centres, recreation planning and flood mitigation are also this Director's responsibility.

Within this Department there are a number of specialist staff , such as engineers, recreation officers, landscape gardeners, construction workers, design engineers.

Director City Planning

The Director City Planning is responsible for various Council activities including environmental health, strategic planning and community services as well as building and planning.

The management of the Companion Animal Shelter and the garbage collection service is also the responsiblity of the Director City Planning.

The specialist staff in this Department include building inspectors and town planners. All new buildings and extensions to existing buildings must be approved by these officers to ensure they are constructed correctly and safely.

Other specialist staff in this Department include heritage planners and rangers.

Things for further Investigation

Find out what studies are required in order to qualify as a town planner, child care worker, landscape gardener, building & environment health officer, engineer, librarian and building inspector.

What the Council Staff Do

Council staff are paid workers with qualifications and skills to provide detailed information and advice to assist councillors when making their decisions.

Decision Making

Ultimate decision making power is in the hands of the councillors. The staff are responsible to council and the councillors are then responsible to those who elected them. In this way it is the whole community which is responsible for the decisions and tasks carried out in their local area.

Once council makes a decision as to what is to be done it then hands responsibility to council staff to carry out the task. Council staff are qualified or have the necessary skills to undertake such work.

By talking to residents and community groups about what is needed to be done in the local area, councillors are to make decisions which best meet the needs of the whole community.

Things for further investigation

1. Find out who are your local Federal and State Parliamentary representatives. How many people do they represent? Find out how many people reside in Hawkesbury? What is the ratio of councillors to the population of Hawkesbury?

2. Look in the local papers to see which groups are presently putting pressure on Council to make a particular decision. Follow the issue over several weeks. Collect cuttings and write a short article, including a description of the group, what action those involved want Council to take and what methods they are using to achieve this. Are there any other groups opposing their views?

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