Animal Shelter

The Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter is located at 10 Mulgrave Road, Mulgrave NSW 2756.

Opening Hours:


Monday to Friday: 9am - 12.30pm and 
2pm - 4.30pm 
Saturday: 9.30am - 11.30am 
Sunday: 7am - 9.30am

Phone: (02) 4560 4644 / Fax: (02) 4577 6604


Postal Address: PO Box 146, Windsor NSW 2756

Payment Options: Please note we do not accept payment by Cheque or AMEX.

Releases and Sales: Paperwork to be commenced 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Note: Releases and Sales will not be processed outside these hours.

Animal Shelter Gallery


Photo Gallery of Dogs and Cats Available now at the Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter
Dogs for Adoption

Dogs for Adoption

19 December 2014

Cats for Adoption

Cats for Adoption

20 December 2014

Lost-Dogs (Lost Dogs)

Lost-Dogs (Lost Dogs)

09 January 2019

Lost Cats

Lost Cats

09 January 2019

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The new Companion Animal Shelter Adoption Booklet is now available at the Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter.

Other than traffic noise, barking dog complaints are the world's number one noise complaint.

Farmers are the backbone of rural Australia.  Dog attacks from both wild dogs and from dogs that are not properly controlled by their owners can have a negative impact on a farmer's livelihood.

Fees and Charges associated with the Companion Animal Shelter.

Companion Animal Shelter forms which can be printed out and completed before visiting the animal shelter.

Information about pet greyhounds registered on the NSW Pet Registry no longer needing to be muzzled - unless they in off-leash areas and have not been through approved training

Amendments to the Companion Animals Act relating to restricted breeds of dog and dangerous dog came into force on the 13 January 2006.

In 1998 the Companion Animals Act was introduced to set into law the rights and responsibilities surrounding pet ownership in NSW.

All reports of attacks on a person or animal, as well as other incidents of dog attacks in the Hawkesbury will be investigated by Council Officers

Council recommends that residents consider property size and potential impacts on neighbours, when deciding on whether to keep poultry in suburban areas and the number of poultry to be kept.

Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 any dog which is in a place (other than where it is ordinarily kept) unaccompanied by a responsible person is a “stray”.

If an animal has trespassed onto your property it is recommended that you contact your neighbours to identify the owner. The Local Land Services may also be able to assist if the animal is tagged. If you have not been able to identify the owner, contact Council and we may be able to assist you in finding the owner.

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