Fees and Charges


Click here (pdf - 12.2MB) for purchase of dog prices.

This includes: Purchase Price, C5 Vaccination, Desexing, Microchipping & Lifetime Registration

Sale PriceNormalPension
Dog Under 4 Years $396.60$361.50
Male Dog 4-9 Years$298.50$233.40
Male Dog 10 Years & Older$170.00$124.00
Female Dog 4-9 Years$291.20$256.10
Female Dogs 10 Years & Older $190.00$138.70
Previously DesexedNormalPension
Dog Under 4 Years$317.30$289.20
Male Dog 4-9 Years$214.80$186.70
Male Dog 10 Years & Older$136.00$99.20
Female Dog 4-9 Years$232.95$204.90
Female Dogs 10 Dog & Older$152.00$110.95


Click here (pdf - 12.2MB) for purchase of cat prices.

This includes: Sale Price, F4 vaccination, Desexing, Microchipping &  Lifetime Registration

Sale PriceNormalPension
Male Cats Under 3 Years$163.30$128.10
Male Cats 3-10 Years$128.10$94.10
Male Cats 10 Years & Over $84.10$61.40
Female Cats Under 3 Years $187.00$151.90
Female Cats 3-10 Years$151.90$116.70
Female Cats 10 Years & Older$106.70$77.90
Previously DesexedNormalPension
Male Cats Under 3 Years$130.55$128.10
Male Cats 3-10 Years$102.50$75.30
Male Cats 10 Years & Over$67.50$49.10
Female Cats Under 3 Years$149.60$121.50
Female Cats 3-10 Years$121.50$93.35
Female Cats 10 Years & Older$85.35$62.30

Impounding Fees

Day Rate$40.60$37.50
Release Fee$65.70$43.80

Surrendered Animals

Hawkesbury Residents Only$260.00$185.70

Hawkesbury Residents Only - Pick up of Surrendered Animal

  Dogs Cats
Within 30km $391.00 $131.00
30-60km $431.80 $171.80
Over 60km $472.80 $212.80

Trap Hire

  Dogs Cats (Two weeks)
Hire $40.70 $33.80
Deposit $309.40 $163.00

Lifetime Registration

Lifetime Registration of Cats & Dogs is a legal requirement. There is a once off payment that lasts the lifetime of the animal.

As of 01/01/2014 the new fees for lifetime registration will be:

Animal is not Desexed$207.00
Animal is Desexed$57.00
Animal is Desexed and owned by eligible pensioner*$24.00
Animal not desexed kept by recognised breeder for breeding purposes$57.00
Purchase from Pound$28.50
Working Dog$0.00
Cat born prior to 1 July 1999 where ownership has not changed
(when the Companion Animals Act 1998 came into effect)
Assistance animal$0.00
Dog in the service of the State, for example, a police dog$0.00
Greyhound currently registered under the Greyhound Racing Act 2009**$0.00

*An eligible pensioner is a person in receipt of the aged pension, war widow pension or disability pension. If you are unsure whether you are an eligible pensioner, please contact your local council.

**For information in relation to greyhounds registered under the Greyhound Racing Act 2009, please click here

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