Conditions of Camping

Due to the loss of the bridge leading to the Upper Colo Reserve campground in floods earlier this year, Council has resolved to close the Upper Colo Reserve campground until such time as this access is restored from Upper Colo Road. Please note that this is a temporary closure until a new bridge can be built. It is estimated that this will be around mid-2022 although we are working to undertake these works as quickly as possible. Apologies are extended for any inconvenience this may cause.


The following COVID -19 guidelines are in place to protect visitors and manage booking numbers to enable physical distancing.

Only the people booked can stay. Additional people will not be allowed to stay.

You are responsible for maintaining contact details of your guests.

By proceeding you understand and agree that:

You have read information about the campground and determined its suitability for you.

You agree to bring your own cleaning supplies, sanitation products and plenty of water as water supply cannot be guaranteed.

You will follow physical distancing and public gathering rules. Latest rules are available on the NSW government website.

If you are unwell, stay at home.

Campsites will be maintained to general standards. Hawkesbury City Council  cannot guarantee that surfaces and touch-points are sterilised.

Hawkesbury City Council  is managing booking numbers to enable physical distancing. On arrival if there is no suitable campsite, please contact 45604444.

Campers are responsible in ensuring that they are familiar with the Conditions of Camping. These Conditions of Camping are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the Upper Colo Reserve by all.

An official receipt of payment is recognised as acceptance by all campers, and their guests, of these conditions of entry and as an official permit to stay during its period of currency, unless it is made void sooner as a result of misconduct as described in Condition of Camping identified below.

1. Camping Permit (Confirmation/approval letter/email is considered to be a permit)
  1. Permit to camp must be obtained from Hawkesbury City Council BEFORE camping. The permit must be taken to the camp site so that it is available to be produced, with the receipt, where requested by any Council employee.
  2. The camping permit allows the permit holder and company to camp within the boundaries of the Reserve only. excluding the bush land areas. No camping is allowed in the BBQ shelter and water tank area.
  3. No letting or sub-letting of camp sites is permitted.
  4. Permits are non-transferable without written permission from the Camping Coordinator. The site must be
    occupied by the person named on the original application.
  5. All fees are to be paid in advance, prior to camping.
  6. The issue of a Permit does not create any right to its renewal in the following or any subsequent year.
  7. On long weekends a minimum of two nights stay is required.
  8. Bookings cannot be made more than 12 months in advance
2. Check in / Check out Times
  • Check in time is from 2pm.
  • Check out time is by Midday.
3. Your Property

People booking sites at the reserve, set up their camps and use the facilities at the reserve at their own risk.
Hawkesbury City Council, accepts no responsibility whatsoever for injury to persons and damage to property howsoever caused. All property should be well secured at all times.

4. Noise / Behaviour
  1. All noise audible from the next closest site must cease at 10pm.
  2. Noise, intoxication, bad language or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. This type of behaviour will result in the site permit holder and company being evicted from the site.
  3. Permit holders are responsible for the behaviour of visitors to their site.
5. Animals/Pets

The keeping of animals is permitted on the site subject to approval. Dogs are to be registered and kept on leash at all times. Horses need to be yarded at all times, portable yards must be provided by owners.

SNAKES, SPIDERS & TICKS all live in and around the camping area. Remember, you are in the Australian Bush! Being up-to-date with first aid techniques and having a well-stocked first aid kit is important.

6. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol must be confined to campsites, where a camping permit is held.

7. Camp Set-Up
  1. There are no set sites – first come first serve.
  2. The reserve is camping only, no caravans are permitted. Campervans are permitted subject to approval.
  3. Never set up camp too close to another site - without asking their permission. The general, unwritten rule is two car spaces apart (6m).
  4. Internal combustion electricity generators are prohibited in the Reserve. Solar and other passive systems are
  5. No pressurised water systems, washing machines, portable toilets or showers permitted, and containers must
    be provided for the discharge of waste.
  6. Any non-rigid structure must be removed when the site is not occupied.
  7. No camping or dishwashing at the BBQ shelter or around the potable water tank.
  8. Camping sites are to remain tidy at all times
  9. Don't camp under trees with large boughs, especially gums. Often called 'widow makers', they tend to snap off on still, silent days, and also in strong winds and lightning strikes.
8. Bunting / Shade Cloth

Due to safety regulations screening around campsites is strictly prohibited.

No screening of sites with bunting, shade cloth or any other material is permitted within the Upper Colo Campground.

9. Duration of Stay

Permits will only be granted for a period of no more than 7 nights.

10. Bicycles

Persons, including children, riding bicycles within the camping reserve must wear an approved helmet at all times.

11. Fire Safety Requirements
  1. Fires are strictly limited to the existing fire pits or where directed by the Ranger.
  2. Naked flames are prohibited on Total Fire Ban days (this includes gas BBQ’s). The Council electric BBQ can however be used for cooking during this time.
  3. Digging of holes for campfires is not permitted.
  4. It is recommended that : 

    All camps have one (1) of the following:
    1. a suitable and approved fire extinguisher or
    2. an approved fire blanket in any cooking area
12. Vegetation (Flora / Fauna)
  1. No person shall interfere in any way with the flora and fauna found on the Reserve.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to cut, saw, dig, move or displace any tree, bough, live or dead timber, wood or other material which may be in or around the reserve.
  3. No wires or ropes or similar shall be attached to any tree or vegetation within the reserve.
  4. Digging of trenches in or around campsites is strictly prohibited.
13. Rubbish
  1. General campsite waste only is to be placed in bins provided.
  2. Bins must not be moved from their position.
  3. Please do not leave any rubbish at the river or along its banks
14. Amenities
  1. Showers are cold bore water showers - Use Showers sensibly with due regard to fellow campers.
  2. Cooking and dishwashing is not permitted in amenity areas.
  3. Children should be accompanied to the showers / toilets by an adult.
  4. Campers are to use the amenities, not the surrounding bushland.
15. Vehicles, Boats and Trailers - Parking
  1. Caravans are not permitted.
  2. The speed limit within the reserve is 10km/p/h. Unlicensed drivers are not permitted to drive in the reserve.
  3. Launching of Boats is prohibited from the Reserve. Canoes and non motorised boats are acceptable
  4. Roadways must be kept clear and safe at all times.
  5. Motorised scooters, quad bikes, trail bikes and other similar motorised vehicles are prohibited within the camping reserve unless used in compliance with the requirements of the Road Rules – New South must be fully contained within the campsite boundaries.
  6. Parking of boats and trailers is not permitted other than within the boundaries your camp site.
16. Breaching Rules

Authorised Council personnel are able to cancel camping permits and evict campers or their guests from the camping area without notice, if the camper or their guests have failed to perform or observe any of the obligations listed in the General Conditions of Camping above. Verbal notice by the Council authorised personnel is sufficient. In this case, fees paid will not be refunded.

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