About the collection

The Gallery is the keeping place for a number of collections, including the Hawkesbury City Council Art Collection.  The Collection comprises approximately 500 works of art, including many works by regional artists, and a number of works by Modernist and Postmodernist artists Bim Hilder, Maurice McDonald, Suzanne Archer, David Fairbairn, John Firth-Smith, Barry Gazzard, Peter Laverty, Ursula Laverty, Peter Pinson, Tony Tozer and David Voigt.

In 1999 Mr Alan Cleary, formerly of Pitt Town, gifted to the people of Hawkesbury approximately 80 paintings and prints including works by Lloyd Rees, Arthur Boyd, Clifton Pugh, Norman Lindsay and Lance Solomon. Alan generously continues to add to this collection, known as The Cleary Collection.

The Gallery also has on long term loan a collection of works of local significance owned by the Friends of Hawkesbury art community and Regional Gallery (FOHacaRG). These include the Clint Collection, which comprises work by the Clint family of artists, who lived and worked in and around Windsor in the 1930s, and the Edgecombe Collection.

Though the Gallery does not have a budget for acquisitions, the generosity of exhibiting artists has resulted in a small but highly significant number of acquisitions by donation. These include works by Ben Quilty, Alan Jones, Guy Maestri, Izabela Pluta and Luke Temby to name a few. The Hawkesbury Regional Gallery Collection also includes a number of significant works donated by Salvatore Zofrea.

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