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I can (Sing) Paint a Rainbow

8 December 2017 – 4 February 2018

Liam Benson, Anna Carey, Rosie Deacon, Anne Macdonald, Rachel Timmins, Tom Loveday,

I can see paint a rainbow explores the use and effect of colour; from the intellectual to the playful in contemporary Art.  Art speaks to us in so many different ways, because its speaks to each of us individually in the act of looking and engaging. It may be accompanied by words and ideas from another, the artist, a curator or critic. But ultimately we will find our own meaning in the act of experiencing and surrendering.

We may find connection in an image or representation that is immediately recognisable or something unfamiliar that resonates and it is often the way an artist use colour, a purposeful choice of hue or shade that will evoke that intimate connection.

Colour is extraordinarily emotive.

The artist in I can sing paint a rainbow, use colour to explore identity, both collective and individual; social, cultural, sexual;  the transience of childhood, connection to memory and place, personal obsession and Australian kitsch and a memorial to a cultures genocide.

Accompanying the exhibition as usual is our end of year Summer Art Lab with lots of fun Colourful drop-in art and craft activities. Open any time the Gallery is!

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