The New Quilt

The New Quilt is a survey exhibition of contemporary Australian quilt art presented by QuiltNSW showcasing never seen before quilts.

In lieu of a theme, textile artists were invited to, Think big, think boldbe adventurous!

The final selection is an opportunity to experience an amazing array of creativity and innovation from across quilting Australia.

Visitors may find themselves redefining their perception of a quilt, beyond layering of materials, to that of an artwork full of aesthetic impact, technical skill and powerful storytelling.

This fascinating exhibition includes two and three dimensional sculptural works in a huge range of materials and styles, responding to many of the challenges we have faced in 2020 including bushfires and Covid-19, as well as environmental challenges, new life, revenge and sheer joy! Not to be missed!

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The New Quilt has activities available at the Gallery, or you can download them at home:

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