Ema Shin: Hearts Of Absent Women

Artist Ema Shin is from a Korean family who immigrated to Japan in the 1930s. Born and raised in Japan, she moved to Australia in 2010. As part of a Korean tradition, Shin’s male family members keep a book illustrating their family tree. Shin's family tree spans 32 generations, yet only the linage of sons is featured. All daughters are absent.

Hearts of Absent Women celebrates the women who are not recognised in Shin's family tree. Her work is influenced by anatomy and botanical forms. She sees these as symbols of life and emotion. Shin highlights the cultural diversity of women living in Australia, drawing attention to their experiences with family and social expectations. She celebrates their resilience and achievements. The exhibition includes handwoven tapestry, printmaking, installations, soft embroidered sculptures, and digital prints. The works in this exhibition have been made over the course of twelve years, which is how long Shin has lived in Australia.

Image: Ema Shin, Hearts of Absent Women #5, 2022, 56.4 x 39 cm, archival giclee print, edition of 50 + 1AP, courtesy the artist. Photography by Matthew Stanton

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