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Education programs and visits to the Museum and Howe House are led by Museum staff and educators and provide opportunities offered by the Museum's collection and exhibition themes.  Visits are designed to cater to current curriculum needs, with an emphasis on Stages 1-3 Primary, and HASS syllabus outcomes.

For Stages 4-5 students we provide introductory sessions to help get students interested in history. The focus is on:

  • Discovery
  • An awareness of context and developing skills to read material culture
  • Interacting with the Past and Present syllabus outcomes.

The cost of education programs and visits is from $2 per student, depending on the type of activity.

Make an inquiry

To make an inquiry about education programs and visits please fill out the form below. Once we have received your inquiry form we will contact you to arrange your visit and finalise your booking. Or phone the Creative Programs Coordinator on (02) 4560 4434.

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