Creatures of Myths & Legend: Flabbits, Moolywonks & a Mummified Cat

2010 - 2011

Since time immemorial, people have gathered around campfires and other meeting places to share stories of the unexplainable, stories passed on by friends, relatives or taken from personal experience.

This exhibition talks about creatures of myth and legend, some steeped in ancient folklore and others brought about from personal experience or deliberate hoaxes. The Flabbit, Moolyewonk and Black Panther all have their stories revealed here, along with some titillating ghost stories and an examination of the mysterious mummified cat phenomenon. Myths and legends offer us the opportunity to question our beliefs, challenge science and ponder the great unknown.

Whatever you choose to believe, there is no doubt that the Hawkesbury has had its fair share of stories about mythological creatures and their existence, and whether proved or not, they never fail to excite, fascinate or start a conversation which may be continued and shared over a cup of coffee or a family dinner for generations to come.

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