The Collectors: Hawkesbury Astronomical Society, Paul Allen & Karolina Noemi Novak

2009 - 2010

In a nod to our famous Hawkesbury resident, world renowned astronomer John Tebbutt, known for his discovery of the 1861 Comet, the second exhibition devoted to collectors took a thoughtful but also somewhat humorous and eclectic look to things astronomical. The focus of the exhibition was a collection of contemporary telescopes owned by keen Hawkesbury star gazers from the Hawkesbury Astronomical Society, model telescopes and old National Geographic astronomical posters. In addition, the exhibition included a large photographic wallpaper portrait of John Tebbutt and the beautiful 19th century oil painting of the Tebbutt family home and observatory.

On a lighter note the exhibition included vintage sci-fi movie memorabilia and toys from collector Paul Allen and stunning, intricately detailed drawings of (original) Star Wars aircraft with Lego men maintenance crew!

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