Culture Dose for Kids

Culture Dose for Kids is a series of free weekly arts classes.

Sunday 12 May until Sunday 30 June (once a week for 8-weeks) from 10.30am - 12.30pm

Suitable for primary school-aged children aged 9-12 with mild anxiety.

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Join us for Culture Dose for Kids (CDK) a free, Sunday morning art class for young people, with mild anxiety, and their carers. Once a week, for 8 weeks you will visit Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, meet a small group to enjoy several artworks, explore art making, and a delicious morning tea.

The Gallery provides a safe, structured space where children and parents can engage with and respond to art works and enjoy mindful experiences.

The program is limited to 15 young people plus a parent/carer.

About the program: CDK is an arts engagement program to support children with anxiety and especially those in communities recently impacted by natural disasters, such as the Hawkesbury.

Anxiety itself is a normal emotion. However, some young people worry more than others, either through a greater number of worries or more frequent or intense worries. In this project, mild anxiety refers to children who worry a little more than their peers but have not been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. For further information, please see the Black Dog Institute website here.

Each week, we focus on children’s well-being by exploring nature, colour, and feeling by looking and responding creatively to the natural world and artworks in the gallery. The group are led by an experienced team of art educators.

During each session, the theme and related art-making activity, is designed to engage the senses and use tactile, encourage playful exploration and to build self-confidence and personal expression. Mindful practices are included in each session to help equip participants with practical tools to use outside of the program.

Each session is structured around a familiar pattern:

  • a guided viewing in the gallery of three themed artworks.
  • a morning tea.
  • an open-ended art-making experience.
  • each session closes by sharing the group's ideas and artwork.

Participants in previous CDK programs have said that Culture Dose is an opportunity for self-expression, where kids can build confidence and foster social connections. Participation in the 8-week program can help support children and families through stressful or anxious times and may improve their mental health and well-being.

Please note:

The program was developed by the Art Gallery of NSW and the Black Dog Institute with the support of the Jibb Foundation.

  • This program has associated research outcomes.
  • Morning tea and all artmaking materials are provided.
  • Cost: FREE

This brief application form takes about 2 minutes to complete.

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