Julie Ankers

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Bold, Brave & (bloody) Brilliant!
What gets this book’s fifteen ‘over 50s’ up in the morning?
In Bold, Brave & (bloody) Brilliant!, our writers offer intriguing insights into their lives and what keeps them motivated. The stories paint an inspiring picture of what it’s like living today as a third ager … learning flamenco and immersion in all things Spanish, rediscovering a love of maths and physics online, a lifelong passion for singing, the creative arts and new challenges, a deep commitment to our First Nations Peoples, demonstrating indomitability when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges – from financial ruin to Motor Neurone Disease (MND) …
What shines through is the joy of being alive, ‘following your bliss’ and making the most of every day.
Bold, Brave & (bloody) Brilliant! is the third book in a trilogy on life in the 50+ years. The first in the series was Feisty, Fabulous & 50+, a collection  of 21 ‘warts and all’ autobiographical stories of women navigating their  way through their 50s and beyond. This was followed by CALL ME FRANK, 20 autobiographical stories of men over 50 telling it like it is at this stage  in their lives.
Where can you buy this book?
If you'd like any in depth information on Julie or her other books - https://www.julieankers.com/ - has a wonderful 'about' section and blog.

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