Sustainable Business

One of the simplest ways to reduce overheads and increase your profits is to ensure your business is reducing waste and is energy and water efficient. There are multiple ways you can ensure your business is operating sustainably.

The Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP)

The Business Energy Advice Program (beap) is helping Hawkesbury businesses to access free, independent, and tailored support that is aimed at saving money and reducing emissions.

This an Australian Government initiative funded by the Department of Department of Industry,

Science, Energy and Resources and delivered by Business Australia.

Building on the region’s progressive work in developing more sustainable energy practices, Western Sydney councils have partnered with beap to help connect local businesses. Small businesses with between 6 and 20 employees qualify for a free Business Energy Advice consultation.

The beap program offers eligible businesses free expert support - including a tailored report and resources that can help small business to save on energy and costs.

beap is part of the Western Sydney Energy Program (WSEP), a partnership between nine Western

Sydney councils which aims to reduce the region’s emissions by 200,000 tonnes of CO2e1 reductions each year. By supporting businesses to access cost and emissions saving, the region is brought closer to a zero-emissions future.

beap will audit your energy consumption, suggest potential energy-saving opportunities and give you access to helpful information on sustainability and how to access government grants. It’s free, independent energy advice tailored to your business

  • How? You will undergo a one-to-one consultation with a business expert. They understand the specific energy needs of your industry and can advise on potential energy-saving opportunities.
  • Who? Available to small businesses with between 6-20 employees and drought-affected business employing 0-5 across Australia.

Two ways you can get started on your path to more energy savings:

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