Public Swimming Pools and Spas

Any pool or spa that is accessed by a range of visitors, and is not associated with a private residence or residential Strata Title, is defined as a Public Pool or Spa under the Public Health Act. For example, the following are defined as Public Pools or Spas.

  • A spa or pool associated with guest accommodation such as a caravan park or motel.
  • A municipal pool.
  • A hydrotherapy pool.
  • A learn to swim pool.

Public swimming pools and spas can become contaminated from a number of sources primarily bathers. Bacteria and viruses may enter the water on bather’s skin, in their saliva, or through urine and faeces. These can live and may even grow in pool water causing eye, ear, skin and intestinal infections.

Hawkesbury City Council’s Environmental Health Officers randomly conduct inspections and monitoring of public swimming pools and spas in the Hawkesbury.

All public swimming pools and spas in the Hawkesbury must be registered with Council. Complete and return the Registraion of Public Swimming Pool (public and semi public) Form. Swimming pool and spa operators are encouraged to look at the NSW Health weblink below regularly to make themselves familiar with the requirements.

Public Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Advisory Document – NSW Health

More information can be obtained from NSW Health’s website

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