Control of Legionella Bacteria

Regulated Systems

Hawkesbury City Council maintains a register and undertakes regular inspections of water-cooling systems to help control legionella bacteria. These Regulated Systems are inspected under the Public Health Act to prevent the transmission of Legionnaires Disease within the community. If you are a building owner or occupier, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that any water-cooled systems are Registered with Council, and that the system has a unique identifying number attached to the system by Council.

Examples of these Regulated Systems include:

  • Water cooling towers and evaporative condensers for air-conditioners or industrial applications
  • Humidifying systems for agricultural/industrial applications
  • Warm water systems including, but not limited to, thermostatic mixing valves in hospitals, and cooling water for machinery.
  • Evaporative coolers attached to non-residential premises.

Legionella bacteria, when present in large numbers, travel within water droplets and are breathed into the lungs where Legionnaires Disease may develop. The disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. The bacteria are present in the environment, but can grow rapidly to hazardous numbers in systems where water is regularly stored above 26 degrees Celsius and the appropriate sterilisation and cleaning methods are not maintained to a satisfactory standard.

Installation, commissioning, and maintenance requirements are clearly stipulated within Australian Standard AS3666. The Standard can be purchased from Standards Australia by telephoning 1800 035 822, or by visiting here. Regulated Systems are to be serviced and cleaned regularly by a Duly Qualified Person.

Registration forms are available here (insert link for Registration form). For further information on controlling Legionnaires disease, or the associated Australian Standards, contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on Ph.(02) 4560 4444.

Below are links to several fact sheets on Legionnaires disease developed by NSW Health, and the relevant NSW Health website.

Further information can be found at the NSW Health website NSW Health Legionella control

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