Grants Workshops

No Grant? No Worries! Getting Your Project Shovel-Ready

  • Monday 9 May, 6:30PM – 8:30PM, The Retreat at Wisemans, 5564 Old Northern Road, Wisemans Ferry
  • Tuesday 10 May, 10AM – 12PM, Hawkesbury Leisure and Learning Centre, 114 March Street, Richmond

Rather than sitting back and waiting for the perfect grant program to fall into your lap, start work now! Learn how to prepare a detailed project brief, what information to gather, and what attachments you will require. Start thinking strategically – who could you partner with, how to be innovative and be clear about where your project fits into the long-term plans of your group. Get your ducks lined up now!

Managing Your Project & Acquittals

  • Monday 6 June, 6:30PM – 8:30PM, The Retreat at Wisemans, 5564 Old Northern Road, Wisemans Ferry
  • Tuesday 7 June, 10AM – 12PM, Hawkesbury Leisure and Learning Centre, 114 March Street, Richmond

What happens once your application is successful? What are the key things you need to monitor as the project rolls out? What are milestones and why are they important? How to manage the money? And what if things go pear-shaped? Everything you need to know to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

To RSVP to one of the Workshops please call the Bright Ideas team on (02) 4560 4444 or email

For more information call Tracey 0428 212 948 or visit and click on the Bright Ideas tile.

Resilient Hawkesbury Grants

Hawkesbury City Council is offering communities impacted by the 2019-2020 Summer Bushfires grants of $500- to 5,000- (subject to application and funding availability). The grants support community groups, joint organisations and not-for-profit groups to undertake projects that enhance social recovery and preparedness activities

Hawkesbury City Council acknowledges that these grants have been made available through funding provided to Council under the Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund

Funding Eligibility Criteria:

  • Projects should be community-led events/programs for grass-roots activities that contribute to community recovery and/or resilience including projects that support community wellbeing.
  • Applicants must be not-for profit and an incorporated association, or auspiced by a not-for-profit incorporated association
  • Projects will need to contribute to one or more of the following Disaster Recovery Outcomes:
  • The needs of vulnerable groups are addressed in disaster recovery
  • The community is aware of the disaster recovery processes
  • The community can express its changing disaster recovery needs
  • Community members are aware of the risks of future disasters
  • The community has improved capacity and capability to respond to future disasters
  • Business and not-for-profits have in place adequate mitigation practices for risks and threats
  • Government, private sector, civil society and organisations are engaged in plans for preparedness and management of the recovery
  • Examples of projects include:
  • Creating/enhancing community connections
  • Creative activities
  • Community events/celebrations
  • Physical activities
  • Mental health initiatives
  • Connection to land/environment

Activities that are not eligible for funding:

  • Applications that request ongoing program funding
  • Applications for projects and/or activities that are not related to the community recovery attributed to the bushfire event
  • Applications that request covering existing debts or budget deficits.

How to apply:

  • Complete the application form
  • Applications for Round 5 will be received until close of business 29 April 2022
  • Applicants will be advised of the outcome of the application by 31 May 2022

For more information and to apply for a Resilient Hawkesbury Grant please contact our Community Services Team at  (02) 4560 4444 or email

The views expressed in this material do not necessarily reflect the views of the New South Wales Government.

Community Sponsorship Program

The Community Sponsorship Program enables Council to work in partnership with our community to build a vibrant, connected and liveable Hawkesbury.

Council’s Community Sponsorship Program provides financial assistance to support Hawkesbury based community organisations or individuals wanting to undertake activities that address key strategies and directions within Council’s Community Strategic Plan.

Round 1 2022 is now open and applications will be received until close of business 29 April 2022 . Applications received after that date will be retained for inclusion in the next Round.

There are three categories within the Community Sponsorship Program.

Access to Community Facilities

Financial assistance may be provided to subsidise half (50%) of the cost of hiring a Council or community facility with a maximum Council contribution of $750-. To be eligible an applicant must be a not-for-profit community group located in the Hawkesbury or providing services to the Hawkesbury.


Financial assistance may be provided to support the participation of residents who have been selected to represent their community in regional, national or international sporting competitions and cultural events. The level of contribution has been set at $150- for individuals and $750- for a team of 5 or more.

Resilient Hawkesbury

Council may provide funding community programs that help build a connected, healthy, inclusive and resilient Hawkesbury. The maximum funding is $3000-.

Community Sponsorship Strategy

Hawkesbury City Council has recently developed a Community Sponsorship Strategy. The Strategy delivers a transparent framework for Council to determine funding for community organisations and individuals applying under the Resilient Hawkesbury category.

As part of the Community Sponsorship Strategy Council has developed an:

  • Eligibility Criteria – Council will only support community organisations and individuals whose applications meet the Criteria in the Eligibility Criteria. It is recommended that sponsorship applicants review the Criteria and ensure that their application meets the Criteria guidelines.
  • Assessment Criteria Matrix – Council will assess each application against the Assessment Criteria Matrix to provide objectivity and a guide to applicant’s about the criteria Council will be using when making a decision about whether to support the project. The ‘score’ will be a good guide as to whether Council will support the event. It is recommended applicants review the Assessment Matrix Criteria and associated information to ensure their event scores as highly as possible on the Matrix.

It is recommended that all applicants review the Community Sponsorship Strategy, particularly the Eligibility Criteria and the Assessment Criteria Matrix prior to submitting a Community Sponsorship Application Form

Council can also support Registered Charitable Organisations to promote signature events and/or national/state-wide funding appeals. To learn about Council’s approach to supporting these initiatives please review Council’s Guidelines for Working with Charitable Organisations (PDF - 157KB)

If you would like more information on sponsorship opportunities or to apply for funding, please contact our Community Services Team at  (02) 4560 4444 or email

For information on funding for community events please contact our Events Co-ordinator on (02) 4560 4404.

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