Community Sponsorship Program

The Community Sponsorship Program enables Council to work in partnership with our community to build a vibrant, connected, and liveable Hawkesbury.

Council’s Community Sponsorship Program provides financial assistance to support Hawkesbury based community organisations or individuals wanting to undertake activities that address key strategies and directions within Council’s Community Strategic Plan.

Please join Melanie Trethowan from Heart of the Bush Marketing as she presents “Understanding Hawkesbury City Council Community Grants , which is a thirty minute detailed video workshop, which will assist with your grant application. The workshop outlines :

  • Hawkesbury City Council’s Community Grants process,
  • How to complete a Hawkesbury City Council’s Community Grants application and
  • What you need to include in your application.

A great place to find information about additional funding that is currently available from a wide range of funders is Council’s Community Grants and Support page.

There are three categories within the Community Sponsorship Program.

Resilient Hawkesbury

Council may provide funding to community programs that help to build a connected, healthy, inclusive and resilient Hawkesbury.

  • Maximum funding of $3000.


Financial assistance may be provided to support the participation of residents who have been selected to represent the Hawkesbury in Regional, National, or International sporting competitions and cultural events. The level of contribution is

  • $150 for individuals and
  • $750 for a team of five or more.

Access to Community Facilities

Not for Profit Community Groups located in the Hawkesbury or providing services to the Hawkesbury, can apply for financial assistance for

  • Subsidy of 50% of the cost of hiring a Council or Community Facility up to a maximum contribution of  

Sponsorship Rounds and Application Criteria

When to Apply

There are three Funding Rounds of Community Sponsorship  open each year.


Open 1 March

Close 31 March


Open 1 May

Close 31 May


Open 1 October

Close 31 October

Applications for Community Sponsorship can be made at any time online and will be held over until the next Funding Round is open.

Community Sponsorship Strategy

Hawkesbury City Council’s Community Sponsorship Strategy outlines the framework that is used by Council to determine eligibility for funding under the Community Sponsorship Program.

It is recommended that all applicants review the Community Sponsorship Strategy prior to submitting a Community Sponsorship Application , noting the

  • Eligibility Criteria, and
  • Assessment Criteria Matrix.


After each advertised round, a Council report will be prepared, listing applications that have been submitted.  This report will include each application’s appraisal against the Eligibility Criteria and Assessment Criteria. The ‘assessment score’ will determine if the application is eligible for funding.  To ensure your application scores as highly as possible on the Matrix, please review the Criteria and Matrix details as listed in the Community Sponsorship Strategy.

The Report will be submitted to Council within two Council meetings following  the Round closure date, for review and determination by Council.

If you would like more information on the Community Sponsorship Program or assistance to apply for this funding, please contact our Community Planning and Partnerships Team by phoning (02) 4560 4444 or email

Council’s Community Event Sponsorship

Information on Council’s Community Events Sponsorship can be found at
Hawkesbury City Council Events Sponsorship page or contact Council’s Event Team on (02) 4560 4444 or email

Community Grants and Support

A great place to find information about additional funding that is currently available from a wide range of funders is Council’s Community Grants and Support page.

Registered Charitable Organisations

Council can provide support to Registered Charitable Organisations to promote signature events and/or National or State-wide funding appeals. To learn about Council’s approach to supporting these initiatives please review Council’s Guidelines for Working with Charitable Organisations.

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