Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates

All properties with a swimming pool or spa pool being sold or leased, needs to have a valid certificate of compliance, certificate of non-compliance or a relevant occupation certificate.

Owners may apply for a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate from Council or an Accredited Certifier so they are in a position to confidently register their pool. There is a fee payable for this service and a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate is valid for three years.

For more information on Swimming Pool Compliance see Swimming Pool Safety.

What is the fee for applying for a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate?

The fees that apply when obtaining a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate are found in Council’s Fees and Charges.

What happens after the inspection?

If the pool barrier is satisfactory, Council will issue a Certificate of Compliance.

If further works are required to enable a Certificate of Compliance to be issued, you will be advised of the work required to be carried out.

Only once the pool barrier complies can Council issue a Certificate of Compliance for the pool.

What if I already have a Certificate of Compliance or an Occupation Certificate for my pool?

Should the pool already have a Certificate or Compliance or a relevant Occupation Certificate, this remains valid three years from the date of issue.

What is a Certificate of Non Compliance?

A ‘certificate of non-compliance’ will enable the seller to transfer the responsibility to obtain a certificate of compliance to the buyer. This transfer will take effect through the attachment of a certificate of non-compliance to the contract for sale.

Buyers will have 90 days from the date of settlement to rectify defects listed in the certificate of non-compliance and obtain a certificate of compliance.

Before you can sell or lease a property, that contains a pool or spa, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure there is a current Certificate of Compliance or a relevant Occupation Certificate for the pool. These certificates are valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of issue.

Alternatively, you may request a Certificate of Non-Compliance.

The NSW State Government has given Council wide powers to help ensure that pool barriers are compliant with the requirements of the Swimming Pools Act. Council wishes to work with the community to raise the level of awareness of pool safety, to raise the level of compliance with pool barrier requirements and most importantly to help reduce the rate of drownings and near-drownings of young children in our community.

Pool owners are advised that heavy penalties exist for failure to cooperate with Council or comply with the Swimming Pools Act.

In order to apply for a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate you will be required to complete an Application for Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate form and submit to Council by:

  • Email to
  • Post to: Hawkesbury City Council, P.O. Box 146, Windsor NSW 2756 or to: DX 8601 Windsor.
  • In Person at our Customer Service Centre at 366 George Street Windsor, between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Customer Service will contact you to pay the associated fee before processing the application.

To register your pool go to or contact Council's Customer Service staff on (02) 4560 4444.

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