Hawkesbury Events Sponsorship

Are you hosting an event in the Hawkesbury? 

Hawkesbury City Council is committed to supporting the community to host public events to ensure they are safe, successful and well-run.

Events in the Hawkesbury create the opportunity to build:

  • Community – involvement and participation
  • Capacity – the ability to self organise and develop resilience in the community
  • Connections – social cohesion across communities and local businesses

Council is looking to assist events that highlight Hawkesbury’s heritage, celebrate our river, enhance our town centres, assist towns and villages to become local hubs, create cultural experiences, promote and assist tourism and that create community and business connections.

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Event Strategy

Hawkesbury City Council has recently developed an Events Strategy which identifies how Council will attract, partner, access, fund, produce, promote and approve events in the Hawkesbury.

The Events Strategy delivers a transparent framework for Council to determine funding and other assistance for events, based on a clear set of objectives and criteria. As part of the Events Strategy Council has developed an:

  • Eligibility Criteria – Council will only support event applications that meet the Criteria in the Eligibility Criteria. It is recommended event applicants review this Criteria and ensure that their event meets the Criteria guidelines.
  • Assessment Criteria Matrix – Council will assess each event against the Assessment Criteria Matrix to provide objectivity and a guide to applicant’s about the criteria Council will be using when making a decision about whether to support the event. The event ‘score’ will be a good guide as to whether Council will support the event. It is recommended event applicants review the Assessment Matrix Criteria and associated information to ensure their event scores as highly as possible on the Matrix.  
  • Event Evaluation Framework – After an event Council will evaluate the event against the Event Evaluation Framework to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. It is recommended Event Evaluation Framework be reviewed to ensure event applicants understand the goals of Council when preparing for future events.
  • 5 year action plan with clear deliverables and timing for Council.

It is recommended that all event applicants review the Event Strategy, particularly the Eligibility Criteria, Assessment Criteria Matrix and Evaluation Framework, prior to submitting an Event Application Form

Event Strategy 15.5MB

Event Sponsorship

Council Hawkesbury Event Sponsorship is closed.

Round 1 2022/2023 of Council's event sponsorship is closed.

Two rounds of Event Sponsorship Applications will be open to event applicants each year. Event Applications can be submitted any time during the year but an assessment of your event will not be made until after the closure of Event Sponsorship Round.

To be eligible for sponsorship – in-kind, financial, or both from Council, Event Applicants will need to submit both Form 1 and Form 2.

Event Applicants will be advised if they are successful in their application for sponsorship for their event once all applications have been reviewed and a determination is made by Council.

If you receive funding for your event you will be required to submit an Event Sponsorship Acquittal Form post event

Event Application

If you are considering holding an event in the Hawkesbury please complete:

If you are seeking sponsorship for your event – either in-kind, financial or both please complete

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