Pre-Lodgement Advice

Council’s formal Pre-Lodgement Advice Service is a paid service available by appointment for all types of development, but especially encouraged for mid to large scale or complex developments, developments involving variations to development standards, proposals involving existing unauthorised structures, or circumstances where there are potentially contentious issues e.g. heritage or flooding.

This service offers prospective applicants the opportunity to attend a discussion meeting with Council’s professional planning staff, and receive written comments from Council on the technical and merit aspects of a development proposal. By seeking upfront advice in the early stages of a proposal, potential issues can be identified and addressed, thus reducing the likelihood of delays after a DA is lodged.

Request for Pre-Lodgement Advice Form

How do I book a Pre-Lodgement Advice Meeting?

To request formal Pre-Lodgement advice, complete and submit the request for pre-lodgement advice  form accompanied by the relevant fee.  Your request should also be accompanied by (as a minimum) concept plans including a site plan, elevations and floor plans, and a written explanation of the development. If subdivision is involved the proposed subdivision layout is required.

The more detailed information you supply, the more informed Council’s response will be. If plans/documents are unclear or inadequate, a meeting cannot be scheduled until satisfactory details are provided.

The request can be submitted in the following ways and Customer Service will contact you for payment:

  • Email your request to
  • Post your request to: Hawkesbury City Council, P.O. Box 146, Windsor NSW 2756 or to: DX 8601 Windsor.

In Person you can submit your request at our Customer Service Centre at 366 George Street Windsor, between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday

Who else should I contact prior to lodgement?

It is important to note that many development applications lodged with Council require approval from third party agencies for example- NSW Rural Fire Service, Heritage NSW or the Natural Resources Access Regulator. Applicants are encouraged to make separate contact with the relevant agencies as Council staff cannot provide specific details on the requirements of such authorities as part of its Pre-Lodgement Advice Service.

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