Hawkesbury City Councils Planning Rules

Go to our Planning Policies page for a list of plans and policies applicable to the Hawkesbury Local Government Area. Some key planning policies that should be considered when planning to build are listed below.

Local Environmental Plan

Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 provides development controls and requirements for specific issues and places within the Hawkesbury local government area.

Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 2012 applies to all land within the Hawkesbury local government area.

For more information on Local Environmental Plans and the legislative framework for development controls, see Planning Rules.

Development Control Plans

Hawkesbury Development Control Plan

Hawkesbury Development Control Plan (DCP) 2002 provides a guideline for a range of development types and issues in the Hawkesbury local government area and Appendix E Civil Works Specification stipulates the standard to which development and infrastructure related works must comply with. To view the Hawkesbury DCP 2002 see Hawkesbury Development Control Plan 2002.

Pitt Town Development Area

Part E: Chapter 4 of the Hawkesbury DCP 2002 provides development controls specifically for the Pitt Town area. The following policy and strategy are to be read in conjunction with Part E, Chapter 4 of the Hawkesbury DCP 2002.

Pitt Town Development Area - Draft Indicative Road Layout for "Precinct D" - (pdf 138KB)

Pitt Town Development Area - Stormwater Management Strategy - (pdf 3.9MB)

Vineyard Precinct (Stage 1) Development Control Plan (DCP)

The Vineyard Precinct (Stage 1) DCP is the Hawkesbury City Council Growth Centres Precinct Development Control Plan for first stage of development within the Vineyard Precinct of the North West Growth Centre . This DCP applies to all development within land identified as Stage 1 of the Vineyard Precinct. To view the Vineyard Precinct DCP, see Vineyard Precinct (Stage 1) Development Control Plan (DCP) 2017 - (pdf 6.8MB)

Development Contributions

To see a full list of contribution plans see Development Contributions.  These contribution plans outline development which will require a contribution to be made to Council. In particular, Council’s Section 7.12 (previously 94A) Contributions Plan 2015, should be reviewed when preparing a development application.

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