Integrated Planning and Reporting

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

Council follows the NSW Office of Local Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework which ensures that the community has ongoing opportunities to have their say on the future of the city and that Council is always working towards the achievement of the collective vision for Hawkesbury City Council.

Our Plans

Ten year plan – The Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan - The Hawkesbury 2042… It’s Our Future sets out the ten year vision for Hawkesbury City Council. It was developed following an extensive community engagement process to ensure it accurately captures the goals and aspirations of the people of The Hawkesbury. The plan contains a clear set of objectives that Council will be held accountable to through ongoing reporting and community feedback. The Community Strategic Plan is the driving force behind every decision that Council makes on behalf of the community and is used by Council to develop more detailed strategies and plans for delivery of projects and services.

Delivery Program and Resourcing Strategies

The Delivery Program is where the community's priorities from the Community Strategic Plan are converted into principal activities which Council is committed to undertake for the next four years.

The Resourcing Strategies then describe the approach Council will take in terms of managing its Assets, Finances and Workforce in order to achieve the outcomes detailed in the Delivery Program.

Operational Plan and Budget

The Operational Plan and Budget outlines projects and key activities for the financial year. It also includes the associated budget for the year and additional information about finances including fees and charges of council

Long Term Financial Plan 2023-2033

The Long Term Financial Plan outlines how Council will fund the activities projects and services over the next ten years.

Reporting on Performance

Council publishes a range of regular performance reports to enable our community to monitor services and programs successfully delivered in line with the goals and objectives of our plans.

Council ensures its performance reports meet all statutory reporting requirements including the NSW local government Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is the principle document designed for the community to measure how well Council has delivered its services over the previous year against the Operational Plan and whether those actions are helping to achieve the goals outlined in the Community Strategic Plan.

Six Monthly Progress Report

Every six months Council monitors and reports on its progress against the strategies, principal activities and key actions outlined within the four-year Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan.

Progress Report July – December 2023

Progress Report January – June 2023

Progress Report July – December 2022

Progress Report January – June 2022

Progress Report July – December 2021

Four Year - End of Term Report

The End of Term Report is produced every four years at the end of each term of Council. The report reflects the progress of the Councillors and Council staff in achieving the community outcomes in the Community Strategic Plan and the objectives of the Delivery Program.

For further information about Corporate Plan and Reports please email or contact telephone (02) 4560 4444.

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