Qualified, Accredited, Certified Consultants

In preparing an application for development, you may need to seek the services of planning professionals who can prepare plans and documents or provide planning and development advice.

Councils DA Glossary  may also specify that certain documents required to be submitted with an application must be prepared by suitably qualified or accredited consultant.

To assist you in finding a consultant suitable for the services you are seeking, below is a list of professional bodies which may assist you to find the right consultant for the job.

Consultant Type

Service Type


Acoustic Report

Association of Australasian Acoustic Consultants


Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Arboriculture Australia


Archaeological Investigation Report

Archaeological Management Plan

Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists 

Architect (including heritage architects)

Design / Architectural Plans

Australian Institute of Architects

Biodiversity Assessment Method Accredited

Biodiversity Development Assessment Report

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) - Accredited Assessor Public Register

Building Certifier

Building Certifier

NSW Fair Trading 

Building Designer

Building Design

Building Designers Australia


Bushfire Assessment Report

Bushfire Planning & Design (BPAD) Accredited


Flora and Fauna

Koala Assessment Report

Ecological Consultants Association of NSW

Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand


Preliminary Site Assessment

Detailed Investigation Report

Remediation Action Plan

Acid Sulfate Soils Assessment / Management Plan

Soil Science Australia

Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand – Certified Environmental Practitioner


Engineering Plans / Certification

Engineers Australia: National Registers

Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical Report

Engineers Australia: National Registers


Heritage Impact Statement or for Design Services

Heritage NSW

Landscape Design

Landscape Plan

Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers

Land Surveyor

Detail Survey Plans

Set Out and Identification Surveys

ACSN: Consulting Surveyors NSW 

Town Planner

Town Planning

Development Application preparation

Planning Institute Australia

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