Other Matters to Consider

In addition to the planning rules, the characteristics of the land you propose to develop will impact on the development potential of your site. When you are planning and designing any development, consideration should be given to the site itself, how it relates to surrounding development on adjoining land, and the broader context of the area.

Some site characteristics that need to be considered when planning a development are:

  • land use zoning
  • bushfire prone land
  • heritage items
  • flood prone land (see Flood Policy 2020)
  • service availability
    • including sewer availability or will they need to install their own on-site sewage management system.

as well as the proximity to, or impact on:

  • environmentally sensitive land
  • flora and fauna
  • wetlands
  • heritage items

The site characteristics and planning rules will impact the information that is required to be submitted with your development application. For more information on development application requirements, see Making an Application.

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