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Located in the Hawkesbury River Valley, Hawkesbury City Council is the largest Local Government area in the Sydney Metropolitan region, NSW Australia, covering approximately 2,800 square kilometres.

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22 Aug 2014

An exuberant exhibition of Outsider Art will be on show from 5 September to 12 October at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery in Windsor, as part of its Australian tour. Outsider art is an emerging genre in Australia that, according to Gallery Director, Diana Robson, describes art forms derived from improbable or marginal places, and arising from ‘raw impulse and honest urges of the heart’.

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21 Aug 2014

From the heights of hope to the horror of the trenches, the Great War changed the world irrevocably. It separated families and lovers, turned young men into soldiers, and young women into nurses, converted friends and neighbours into enemies.

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21 Aug 2014

After a major accident in South Australia, Cleanaway has grounded its fleet of waste collection vehicles to undergo testing for road worthiness. As a result delays may be experienced in household clean-up services (bulky waste items), booked by residents through Cleanaway.

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