Rebuilding Upper Colo Bridge

Hawkesbury City Council has confirmed the path forward for the replacement of Upper Colo Bridge.

The previous timber bridge which dated back to the 1930s was destroyed during the March 2021 floods.

Following the flood, Council commissioned studies on options to replace the bridge, including replacing the bridge with a new timber structure or a concrete structure as well as repair of the old structure.

A new concrete bridge was considered preferable as it would be significantly more resistant to floods and fires, have a far longer lifespan, and would be constructed more quickly due to materials being readily available.

Following community consultation in which local residents were nearly unanimous in their support for a new concrete bridge, the concrete bridge option was supported by Councillors at Tuesday’s Council Meeting.

Designs for the concrete bridge are well advanced, meaning that construction will be able to begin early next year with the bridge expected to reopen by the end of 2022. Council will endeavour to reduce that timeframe wherever possible.

Council will now work to finalise the design and confirm a contractor to carry out the works as soon as possible. Council will also consult with the community regarding the salvage and reuse of the remaining bridge timbers to create a suitable way to recognise the history and character of the timber bridge.

Council will also continue to work with the community while the bridge remains closed to assist with any other issues as they arise. Council is already aware of issues regarding parking and rubbish near the bridge and will further investigate these matters.

Hawkesbury City Mayor Patrick Conolly said the decision is a positive outcome for the community.

“Council completely understands the frustration the community has with the loss of their bridge, and the unfortunate but unavoidable amount of time it will take to deliver a safe and lasting replacement,” Mayor Conolly said.

“However, residents will gain a bridge that they can trust and rely upon, and that will still be standing for generations to come.

“We also look forward to working with the community to find a way to recognise the history of the wooden bridge with the remaining timbers.”

Council will continue to keep the community updated on the progress of the new bridge.

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