Sewer Services – 24hr Maintenance

Windsor Sewerage Scheme

Hawkesbury City Council provides town reticulated sewerage services to residential and commercial premises in Windsor, South Windsor, Bligh Park, Windsor Downs, Clarendon, McGraths Hill, Mulgrave and Pitt Town.

Sullage pump-out services are provided to some of the communities, which are not connected to the town sewer reticulation system, by the Councils approved Contractor

Sydney Water and Flow Systems are other providers of sewer services in the Hawkesbury District; please check your providers invoice/ bill for their contact details in regards to any sewer problems you may be experiencing

Shouldn’t I Just Ring a Plumber?

It is best to contact Council first through our 24hr, seven day a week service so that we can identify whether the problem is with the sewer system or is related to your property. This may be able to save you the expense of calling out a service person.

Your Responsibilities and Ours

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to maintain or repair sewer pipes within your property, up to the connection to Council's sewer main. Click below for more information.

Prevent Stormwater infiltration

Keeping Tree Roots out of Sewer Lines

Trees and shrubs have a place in residential areas by creating pleasant environments that provide shade during summer, create colourful landscapes and screen out neighbours. Trees have many environmental benefits by providing habitat for native animals and insects, and also reduce salinity and erosion.

Drains, sewers and water mains can become disrupted, blocked and damaged, sometimes involving costly repairs and removal.

Hawkesbury City Council has produced a guide to assist residents in choosing appropriate plant species to reduce damage and blockages to nearby pipes and structures.

24-Hour Service - Telephone (02) 4560 4444

Hawkesbury City Council provides a 24-hour emergency service. For all sewerage problems call Council on (02) 4560 4444.

Residents who phone Hawkesbury City Council during business hours will be answered by our Customer Services branch. After hours, same number (02) 4560 4444, a recorded message will prompt you to the On-Call personnel. You will be asked a few important questions to ascertain whether the sewer problem is within the Councils sewer system.

For Example:

Customer Service (& after hrs. on call) Question Guideline:

  1. Customers Name, Address and Contact details. Time and date of incident. Are they at home?
  2. Do you know where the property inspection shaft (I.O) is?
  3. Is the sewer surcharging, bubbling out of the Gully, I.O. (inspection shaft) or sewer access chamber (manhole). 

    NOTE: - If sewer is surcharging from either the I.O. or Access Chamber (manhole) arrange for H.C.C response team to attend A.S.A.P
  4. If the surcharge is from the Gully, the grated pipe is usually located adjacent to the dwelling or the house services are backing up, toilets etc. ask the customer if they know where the I.O. (inspection shaft) is located.

    The I.O. is usually a 150mm Dia. PVC or Metal screw down cap located near the property boundary. If the answer to the location of the I.O. is YES ask the customer to inspect this for any signs of water leaking. If there aren’t any visible signs of leakage, ask if they can loosen the screws to see if there is any sign of water holding. 

    IF THE I.O. SHAFT IS EMPTY, not holding water, OR the I.O. is not locatable this would be deemed as an “INTERNAL PROBLEM”. Inform the customer they will need to contract a licensed plumber/drainer to resolve the problem.
  5. If the H.C.C Response Team is required to attend. Ask the customer is access readily available, if no-one is at home. Also advise the customer ALL pets will need to be secured and kept away from where the team will be working.
  6. Odour Complaints, sewer smells inside the dwelling - Ask the customer to check all the water traps, toilets, sinks and floor wastes are holding water. This can be managed by flushing the toilets, running water in all the sinks and tubs, checking the floor wastes by filling a bucket with water and pouring the water into the floor waste. It may also help to add some disinfectant with the water.

    Ask the customer to ring back if this does not alleviate the odour after allowing reasonable time to air the rooms.  For odours outside of the dwelling ask the customer to check for signs of sewer surcharges/overflows.

The On-Call person will make a determination from your conversation the need to send Hawkesbury City Councils sewer response team to inspect and undertake the necessary remedial works.

Hawkesbury City Council will respond to sewer problems within a 2 hour period.

If the sewer problem is within the house service line, this would be deemed an Internal problem and you will be required to contract a licenced plumber/drainer to undertake all the necessary repairs.

An inspection by a Council representative may be required to ensure all repairs are completed to comply with the current standard.

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