Help Conserve Our Bushland

What you can do to help conserve our bushland.

There are a few simple things all residents, particularly those living near bushland, can do to protect and enhance our valuable bushland areas:

  • Compost garden rubbish and lawn clippings. DO NOT dump them in the bush as this is illegal and can attract fines and penalties. I can also smother native plants, increase nutrients and introduce weed seed to bushland.
  • When neighbouring bushland, don't grow environmental weeds that will spread. For more information on what plants not to grow contact Council's Community Bushcare Officer on (02) 4560 4525, or see Sydney Weeds Network.
  • Ride bikes and horses on designated tracks as these activities can damage walking tracks and cause erosion.
  • Don't take bush rock or firewood! Soil and rocks provide shelters for many small animals and logs and trees provide nesting hollows and food. Wildflowers should be left to provide seeds for new plants, not picked.
  • Lock-up pets at night as cats and dogs prey on native animals.

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