A word from the Mayor

Council is committed to fixing and wherever possible improving the resilience of our road network following six floods in three years and ongoing extended periods of wet weather. Please be assured that we are getting on with the job of fixing the problem - in spite of the huge demand for qualified road repair contractors and materials right across NSW which is causing unavoidable delays in fixing our network as quickly as we’d like.

Councillors and Council staff - many of whom live locally - drive these same roads every day so please believe me when I say we want these roads fixed as much as you do. We are sick of dodging pot holes and fixing tyres, just as you are.

Council considers communicating with the community and keeping everybody up to date on road repair progress just as important as the road repairs themselves. Our program of road repairs is currently $240 million involving 20 per cent of our roads, with an anticipated bill of $1 million for pothole filling alone. I want to stress that the issue is NOT funding. We will get the money to fix these roads from the State and Federal disaster recovery funds. This is on top of the roads we had already planned to fix this year under our Operational Plan, which predominantly comes from collecting your rates.

Restoring our roads will be a long term project with no quick fixes so it important that you are kept informed. That is why we created the Renewing Hawkesbury’s Roads information hub. This hub contains the most up-to-date information on our roads repair projects – big and small – which is updated every weekday. The jewel in the crown of this hub is the Road Projects Map. This interactive map plots the location of all of our current projects, with new projects being added as they pass from the registered phase into planning, design and construction. Each dot on the map can be selected to provide details on that specific project. It is powered by the same database that our roads and infrastructure renewal teams use to track projects so you can be certain it is up to date.

So please, as I keep saying to residents whom I talk to daily about this issue, stay informed, please drive to the road conditions, slow down, take extra caution and please be patient. We will get there.

Hawkesbury City Mayor Sarah McMahon

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