Major road projects

Gorricks Run Causeway
Update - 24 May 2024

The pipes in the old causeway have been cleaned out over the last week to try and improve water flow and increase the rate at which the water level recedes.

Water levels continue to be monitored and Delaney Civil are hopeful they will be back onsite to recommence work from next week.

Work will take place from 7AM to 5PM Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 7AM to 2PM, please expect truck movements during this time.

A new box culvert crossing will be constructed adjacent to the existing damaged causeway. Once complete, the damaged causeway will be decommissioned.

Resident access will be maintained with the 5T load limit remaining in place for the duration of construction.

Thomas James Bridge and Settlers Road
Update - 24 May 2024

Latest update

Works are continuing at Thomas James Bridge and the Settlers Road Landslip, with the following works being carried out this week:

  • Soil nailing and shotcrete at the slips
  • Loading out of material from the slips
  • Awaiting ground investigation results to determine rock strength for ground anchors

The below works are planned for next week, weather permitting:

  • Continuation of soil nailing and loading out material from the slips
  • Completion of shotcrete at the slips
  • Ground investigation works at the bridge

These works will continue to take place between the hours of 6:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and from 6:30am to 2pm on Saturdays. Please expect continuous truck movements during these hours.

Please continue to adhere to the traffic conditions on the temporary access road:
- 42 tonne weight limit
- 20km/h speed limit
- Maximum vehicle length 12.5m
- articulated trucks are not permitted

Delaney Civil prioritises the safety and well-being of the community. The project is progressing according to the program, however external factors and unexpected circumstances during the landslide repairs can occasionally lead to extended delays. Delaney Civil acknowledges that these delays are inconvenient and apologises for the inconvenience caused, every effort is being made to minimise disruptions while the project is completed as efficiently as possible and to the highest safety standards.

Please also be advised that due to the unforeseen and unknown challenges with this complex project, and with safety of residents and workers paramount, we anticipate shorter, unplanned closures at less notice. Road closures will only occur in the event a section of the road becomes unsafe for passing traffic and is deemed necessary for keeping the community and site workers safe. In the event of heavy rainfall, our strict road closure protocols will continue to be followed.

Please do not hesitate to contact Emily Mallon at Delaney Civil if you wish to further discuss any of the above, or have any additional questions, on 0484 267 907 or on email


Cornwallis Riverbank & Drain Restoration

Update 17 May 2024

Funding was secured earlier this year and procurement has now commenced with the long-lead time concrete box culverts having been ordered and tendering for the construction of the reconstruction project expected to be completed by the end of July. Construction works will follow this and are anticipated to take approximately 9-12 months, dependent on weather and river conditions.

The final design sees the reinstate of Cornwallis Road to its original horizontal and vertical alignment and a new concrete box culvert drain to replace the destroyed pipe drain. The works presently underway are the responsibility of the adjoining landholders.

Update 2 February 2024

Infrastructure NSW has advised that it has secured the State Government portion of funding for flood repairs at Cornwallis, including the repair of the flood mitigation system and the replacement of the missing section of Cornwallis Road.

Following the development of an initial design for the reinstatement of Cornwallis Road and the Bakers Lagoon drain, NSW Public Works has been working closely with adjoining landholders to facilitate a design which sees the reinstatement of the privately owned river bank, including completing further geotechnical investigations and proof of concept for construction methodology.

Given the unique challenges with this project, including the potential for the reinstatement of the private property adjoining Cornwallis Road, a bespoke approach to procurement and contract management has to be developed so as to mitigate the financial risk to Council.  It is expected that over the coming quarter, Council, NSW Public Works and the NSW Reconstruction Authority will finalise this approach to contracting and move into the procurement stage.

Update 12 October 2023

NSW Government and Public works working closely with landowners on a solution for the restoration of the riverbank.

The site has significant hydraulic and geotechnical complexities and as of 12 October 2023 geotechnical investigations are currently being undertaken onsite to determine borehole and pier locations that maybe required to be constructed to support the new road. The estimated timeframe for the geotechnical work is mid November 2023, weather permitting.

For further information, please contact Hawkesbury City Council on (02) 4560 4444.

Update - 20 July 2023

The NSW Government has advised that it has secured its portion of funding for flood repairs at Cornwallis, including the repair of the flood mitigation system and the replacement of the missing section of Cornwallis Road.

The initial damage at Cornwallis was caused during the March 2021 flood, with the failure of the flood mitigation system and severe erosion of the riverbank. Subsequent flooding in 2022 caused further erosion and the breaching of the riverbank, resulting in a small bay forming. A 180-metre section of Cornwallis Road was also lost.

In support of Hawkesbury City Council, the NSW Government (led by Infrastructure NSW, NSW Public Works and the EPA) prepared a feasibility assessment to consider various infrastructure options to rebuild Cornwallis Road. Consultants and specialists were engaged to assess the options against multiple considerations to meet the following key objectives and funding guidelines:

  • Restore Cornwallis Road, including drainage and associated infrastructure
  • Restore flood water behaviour to prior conditions
  • Ensure the integrity of the land and sustainability of any solution
  • Maintain/enhance the integrity of Bakers Lagoon, which is home to a number of endangered species

Following this detailed process, the option that has been identified by the NSW Government is to restore Cornwallis Road on a 13-metre-high embankment and provide suitable drainage infrastructure under the road from Bakers Lagoon to the new bay. This option reinstates the natural levee function and the protection it provided to landowners. It will not restore the riverbank to its original alignment; the small bay will remain.

The state funding means that discussions can commence with landowners regarding access and acquisitions while negotiations continue with the Federal Government for its contribution. It is anticipated the restoration works will take 12 months to complete pending finalisation of discussions with landowners.

NSW Public Works will deliver the project on behalf of Council.

For further information, please contact Hawkesbury City Council on (02) 4560 4444.

Update - 12 January 2023

Following Council’s continued advocacy for a fast determination by the NSW Government on their funding of the remediation and repair works at Cornwallis, Council has been advised by the Riverbank Erosion Taskforce that the Taskforce will be undertaking further analysis on the remediation and repair options for the Drain, Cornwallis Road, and surrounding area.

On Tuesday 13 December 2022, scientists and engineers from the Riverbank Erosion Taskforce visited the site at Cornwallis. There was representation from Infrastructure NSW, Public Works Advisory, Department of Planning and Environment, Resilience NSW, Office of Local Government and Transport for NSW.

The advice from the Taskforce is that it is expected that the options analysis will be completed by the end of January and used to inform the overall remediation strategy and funding decision.

Council will continue to hold the NSW Government to account on its commitment to timing and for the rapid approval of funding so we can get on with the job of repairing the damaged drain and reinstating the protection of the Cornwallis and Richmond Lowlands.

Update - 27 July 2022

There has been no change to the design intent, with the engineered bank protection and crest height of approximately 13.5m remaining the objective of Stage 1. However, this Stage 1 will now be approached as two distinct stages, stages 1A and 1B.

  • Stage 1A will target an earlier initial engineered protection of 7mAHD and additional measures to permit the dewatering of the significant area of erosion.
  • Stage 1B will continue on what is achieved by 1A, to achieve the original design intent of a 13.5m high crest and restoration of pre-flood protection

The final design of Stage 1A is anticipated to be finalised in approximately three weeks, with the procurement and early contracted works to follow that. As these timelines become clearer, we will update the community as we are able.

At the same time, detailed design works will continue on Stage 1B, as well as early consideration of Stage 2, the permanent restoration of the drain and riverbank.

Prior to the July flood, Council and Public Works Advisory had already commenced a process of reviewing the construction and delivery methodologies with a view to saving as much time as possible. Through this process, we identified a switch to pre-cast concrete box culverts would save a number of weeks of construction time and the order for the delivery of these culverts has already been placed. Whilst the decision to make this change was made prior to the July flood, the loss of a further approximately 20 pipes from the stockpile has meant that this will save even more time.

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